Thursday, December 06, 2012

How The Soviets Eliminated Christmas - And, America Is Right On Track Doing The Same

The carton below is from Soviet Communist Russian times. You can see how the capitalist system is depicted as slavery - the opposite of how communism works, IE., free money, multiplied and returned to the worker - in the right frame. Tell me Obama does not think differently.

And, as many Americans kill off Christmas as the celebration of the birth of Jesus, so the Soviets replaced Saint Nick with "Father Frost" - a man who gives out presents because he is a generous communist.

From Wikipedia Ded Moroz
"Following the Russian Revolution, Christmas traditions were actively discouraged because they were considered to be "bourgeois and religious".[8]Similarly, in 1928 Ded Moroz was declared "an ally of the priest and kulak".[9]Nevertheless, the image of Ded Moroz took its current form during Soviet times, becoming the main symbol of the New Year’s holiday that replaced Christmas. Some Christmas traditions were revived following the famous letter by Pavel Postyshev, published in Pravda on December 28, 1935.[8] Postyshev believed that the origins of the holiday, which were pre-Christian in any case, were less important than the benefits it could bring to Soviet children.[9] In 1937, a man playing Ded Moroz arrived at the Moscow Palace of Unions for the first time. Joseph Stalin ordered Palace of Unions' Ded Morozes to wear only blue coats, so that they would not be mistaken for Santa Claus.[10] During Stalinist times, Ded Moroz, Snegurochka (or "Snow Maiden"), and New Year Boy were featured in Communist-type Nativity scenes, or public appearances, with Ded Moroz as the equivalent of Joseph, Snegurochka as the equivalent of Mary, and the New Year Boy as the equivalent of the Christ child.[11]
During the period of the Soviet Union's dominance over Eastern Europe, Ded Moroz was introduced to many nations. Following the fall of the Soviet Union, there have been efforts to revive local characters."

So, we have many more American secularists demanding that Christ be extracted from Christmas. And I might say, they all voted for Obama and other Democrats.

Below, Soviet "Father Frost" Replacement For Christian Saint Nicholas who was an actual Christian Bishop in Turkey - before Moslem invasion.
Below, is the Soviet "Nativity Scene" depicting Father Frost, the Snow Maiden (Mary's replacement), and no Jesus. The Communists sometimes added "New Year"  Boy to make it  more resemble a Nativity Scene.
Here is the Soviet Communist Russian "New Year Boy" (Jesus replacement) rightly showing his hind-end to the world.