Wednesday, November 07, 2012

So Romney Lost. Its Still Go Time

St. Paul said, "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable." 1 Cor 15:19. Of course, I was disappointed Romney lost, but it is not as if the Bolsheviks have toppled and killed the Czar and his family, yet. President Obama will not have an easy time this next four years, and it is very hard to foresee the nation's economy increasing, much less our morality - which is the engine of a prosperous nation as opposed to pure economic gain.

China could be doing much better with its regimented society working for the lowest wages, but it is still has an atheistic, communistic underpinning which puts the kibosh on real prosperity. IOW communists are more or  less honorable than Democrats, and their business model cannot work efficiently, because of the lack of honor-ability among themselves, as well as with world trading partners. We, in the U.S., think we have banksters  and unionistas wreaking  havoc with our finances, while fully  protected by the U.S. Government, yet the Chinese are even more careless with their internal lending of money and business operations.

The 2012 Presidential Election is so over. It is so 2012. Mitt Romney was a moderate, who could hardly summon up a confession of faith in God, unlike Ronald Reagan and W Bush, so it it is  a wonder he went so far - even  with Karl Rove and Crossroads money. Very possibly, if Obama serves out his term, the Tea Party zeal of 2010 will return in greater numbers henceforth up until  2016. Not that we cannot see things turn around by then. After all, he is only an earthly man. (I'm pretty sure)

I listened to a lady, who supported Romney,  call in to a local talk radio program, who shared the very believable story that, while riding on a local bus, she conversed with the bus driver who was also in favor of Mitt Romney. Another female passenger behind her spoke up and exclaimed that, "You cannot vote for Romney. If he  is elected who will pay for my 14 year old daughter's contraceptives?" Obama had promised so much, that he can never deliver, the dumbed down popular voters had to vote his way. Its like in Greece where they had full knowledge of an impending fiscal cliff for years, yet the socialists continued to promise what they could never provide. Rioting in the streets is the least of Greece's problem. The worse is yet to come.

Even if Romney had won, we would still have to contend with over 50 million hands-out  Democrats demanding free everything, from contraception and abortion,  to 30 Obamaphones each, to sodomite training in the public schools, to free insurance, to killing more coal. I will never forget that the Democrats are the first party to "boo" God off of their national convention platform. That pretty much tells it all, and that explains what we are up against. However, since they brag on having no faith, how much easier it will be to overcome their atheistic and socialist ideologies with the Light - if we, as their opponents, have even a mustard seed of faith. Even Jesus asked if He would find faith on earth when He returns. Not faith in a mere mortal like Romney, but faith in an Almighty God. This is our victory in overcoming the world - even our faith.

Its not over by a long way. President Obama reminds me of King David of Israel's grandson, Rehoboam, who promised to tax  the Israelites so heavily  that it would  feel like a "scourging with scorpions." 1 Kings 12. After the promised tax increases, the state of Israel rebelled, divided, and formed a separate northern kingdom.

The Bible also speaks of people becoming "drunk" with delusion. Nothing can better explain how so much of  the popular vote was  given to Barack Obama.

PS Don't thank only Obama voters for his victory; thank the conservatives who did not vote in the same numbers  as in 2010, and thank the third party presidential candidates who received upward to 3 percent of the popular vote. Special shout out to Gary Johnson who received 1 percent of the vote, which otherwise could have gone to Romney. Now there's a legacy - NOT!

Finally, I'm over the Romney loss. "My hope is built on nothing less. Than Jesus' blood and righteousness." That does not mean that I will give up working and praying for a better America.