Thursday, October 18, 2012

Obama & The Democrats Favorite Deadly Sin - Greed, Or Is It Envy?

We have several  generations of Americans now living who have never been exposed to such principles as "Do Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Goods (or wife, for that matter), nor have they been trained in the harm  evoked from not loving thy neighbor as themselves. A secular society can only breed selfishness, envy, and greed. And, God forbid that they have ever entertained the dangerous consequences of committing any or all of the Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy, and Gluttony.

The entire Democrat philosophy,platform, ideology can be summed up in their desire to take, redistribute, or otherwise steal their neighbor's money and livelihood for their own "higher" use. It is so fixed in President Obama's mind that "white entitlement" has repressed the poor, especially blacks, that he and a vast majority of liberal blacks and whites have unconscionably promised their voters that trillions of dollars of future indebtedness  may now be placed at the disposal and whims of those who can never achieve white entitlement, or so they say.

Frontpage.Com Magazine has an excellent story explaining how public schools are deprogramming conservative teachers in camp-type settings   so that they may understand that poor, black students cannot help but to remain forever  "dumb" because of  their slave history. Sort of reminds me of a book written by a brilliant black author Joseph Phillips who, after experiencing the harassment of his fellow black classmates for wanting to excel in school, wrote a book, "He Talk Like A White Boy." The theme should be self explanatory

Liberals thought that the Hate Crimes Law - enacted during those terrible four years 2006-2010 - would give even more privilege to minorities, which it did. The Hate Crimes Laws justifies black/gay animosity against whites - purporting that only white men (mainly) can hate, and minorities are not capable of such hate, because they "are not in power." Its a scam that's gone on since the 1960's. Democrats, greedy for power, will stoop to anything, including the much misunderstood Lilly Ledbetter act in order to illegitimately grab - more power. Lilly Ledbetter, who was hired by Goodyear in the first place, because of Affirmative Action laws, was  reportedly not the best of supervisors and consequently was not paid as much as other more proficient employees.The Democrats, forever salivating to get OP (other people's money), wedged the Ledbetter act into law during their reign of terror..

Public Education which donates heavily to Democrats,  as it was  rewarded with billions of dollars in stimulus money from the President, has found the key to extorting more and more money from the American population on a yearly basis - "Its for the kids," they perpetually insist. Even as grades and discipline plummet in American schools, and as third world countries overtake the U.S. in math, science, and even English.

One ancient prescription for taxes from the Bible, as directed by God Himself to the Israelites postulated that , "The rich shall not pay more, and the poor shall not pay less" for one particular tax Genesis 30:15. One tenth was another tax that was to be paid by poor and rich alike. God did not institute a progressive tax. The liberals concocted  it, probably  because, as always and in every way, the libs want to appear more generous than God - you know the "Guy" they booed at the Democratic Convention.

Libs, who look more socialist every day, wanting to even out and redistribute other people's money, often piously recite that we all are "Our brother's keeper." They do not mind at all to wrongly abuse  a scriptural passage from Genesis by misquoting Cain who asked God, "Am I my brother's keeper?" which was a taunt directed toward the Almighty after God asked Cain where his brother was. You know, the Abel, who Cain just killed. Its never below Democrats to misquote God. Quite hypocritically, its the Dems who fight like rabid dogs to rid God from government as well as public discourse. Yet, they wrongly throw out the "We are our brother's keeper," response when it suits them. Greed is quite the motivator.

Democrats, rich and poor, have been hardwired after so many years to lustily  eye everyone else's money as exemplified by President Obama, who  alluded that his pension, 'Is not as big as Mitt Romney's.'

Unions, being the selfish Dems they are, have no care for the profitability or viability of a company or government agency for which they work. They will lie, obstruct, and anything else  necessary to get in the pockets of their fellow Americans - as their neighbor's household income diminishes by the month. Greed.

The best model for the deadly sin of Greed must be President Obama who insists that, even though taxing the rich upward to 70%(all taxes, including state) will not relieve the public debt, he is intent on getting into their pockets, because the Dunphys, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers,Saul Alinski, Barack Sr.. et al of Obama's advisers thought, and think, that they can be fairer than God.