Sunday, August 19, 2012

What Has Happened Since Joe Biden Lost His Mind? (Literally)?

Joe Biden's gaffes are famous, not just for the self-inflicted foot swallowing that he is most known for, but also for the liberal media's obvious ignorance and non reporting of those said numerous gaffes. Its just the same as when Franklin Delano Roosevelt's crippling polio paralysis was hidden from the American public - as FDR's staff members would prop him up into a standing position - just to show how able-bodied he was. It was all a charade aided and abetted by the press, which had just as many communist sympathizers then as they do today.

But Senator Biden's problem is not one caused necessarily by early Alzheimers, or neuroses bordering on psychosis. Senator Biden, unfortunately, had portions of his brain removed because of an aneurysm - nearly a year after he railed unmercifully against Judge Bork who was a candidate for the Supreme Court way back in 1987.

Feminist hero Joe was so hard on Judge Bork, accusing him of everything from wanting to take away the right for women to sacrifice their fetuses (feti?) to being a "rogue"..... Here are a few other comments on Joe Biden who turned into a raving maniac during the hearings:

From Sound Politics:"Did you watch any of the Roberts confirmation hearings? Biden was excruciating. I was generally interested in hearing Roberts answers to questions, and from memory, he gave fantastic responses to Schumer and Durbin, who I generally dislike, but they were not nearly as annoying as Biden during that process. He would talk for 10 minutes in some incoherent rant before eventually asking a question, somewhere. Even the calm and collected Roberts looked annoyed at Biden's histrionics. . . I like Biden, but not when he gets into a certain "mode." Basically, he has this mode where he becomes the partisan attack dog and logic and reason are abandoned...That said, to paraphrase something I've heard somewhere else (can't remember where), "Biden is one of the only men in the world who is constantly fighting with his conscience...and losing."

Before the hearings, Joe Biden was initially in favor of Judge Bork's nomination - until the "ladies" got a hold of him. Coincidentally, Senator Ted Kennedy also played the bad guy in the confirmation hearings, getting in on the shotgunning attack on Bork with the threats that if Judge Bork would be nominated to the Supreme Court, Americans could expect, "Back alley abortions,blacks would sit segregated at lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens' doors in midnight raids, schoolchildren would not be taught about evolution, writers and artists would be censored, and the doors of federal courts would be shut on millions of citizens." Interesting again, and unfortunate, that Senator Ted Kennedy also suffered a fatal brain affliction.

Nearly a year after Borking Bork, Senator Joe Biden suffered two brain aneurysms, which required the removal of sections of his brain as a life saving measure. Although, the seriousness of Biden's physical condition was played down by the media, of course, according to some reports, Senator Biden was out for seven months, and not hardly missed, evidently. There was little mention of Joe's potentiality for another attack during the 2008 campaign for obvious reasons. Blurbs like the following were not generally broadcast: Biden Healthy, But at Increased Risk for Aneurysm, Doctor Says Pre Election 2008.

We really don't know if "That's Just Joe" is due to a bad brain, a bad memory or both. It seems that Joe Biden has a history of distortion such as when he bragged that he "graduated in the top half of his law school with three degrees, on a full scholarship." In fact, he had earned one B.A. Degree, did not recieve such a scholarship, and he graduated with a rank of 75 out of 86 from his law school. He could become President at a moment's notice.

In any event, Vice President Joe Biden is suffering from some sort of mental instability, but what Democrat isn't? May God help him and the rest of us.