Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Send An Email To Phoenix Government For Jailing/Fining Home Church Pastor MIchael Salman

[Pastor Michael Salman of Phoenix, Arizona has just been sentenced to 60 days in jail and fined over $10,000 for conducting home church services with about 20 people on weekends. He did refuse to apply for "dozens" of permits in order to hold such services. If you care to do anything proactive, send the Phoenix City Government a message that you are outraged. The email addresses for the Phoenix Mayor and City council are here. Just copy and paste them in your email bcc:;;;;;;;]

Dear Honorable Member Of Phoenix Government,
I am disgusted after reading the national reports about Phoenix, Arizona jailing and fining a Christian minister for having worship services in his home, where 30 or 40 Christians could gather, just as much as his neighbors could have regular poker parties - on their private property.

According to news reports, you have demanded that Pastor Salman apply for "dozens" of city permits before he be allowed to worship on his property. These actions performed by Phoenix - including the jailing and fining of the minister - are certainly a blemish, a stain, and shameful.

I have been to Phoenix, once, and have friends in the area, and I will avoid doing business with, or traveling to Phoenix for this outrageous action. And, I notice that you have just proudfully given some sort of extra benefit to gay partners, as well as display, in your local museum, a city sponsored art exhibit titled, "Day Of The Dead" - how fitting.

Pastor Salman And Family