Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Mexico Fires Just Another Enviromentalist Induced Catastrophe - 250,000 Acres Lost

We, perhaps, will never be able to reckon the entire extent to which the Environmentally ill and the EPA have caused the loss of life, limb, and monetary resources due to their obsessive love for Gaia, their Mother Earth. Frankly, I think they have done more harm to their Ma, than we could ever guess.

New Mexico, as well as other western states, have been the latest victims of an out of control environmental policy as directed by out of control Democrats, especially in the Obama administration as of late.

As Spain goes broke from going solar, as Obama works toward his promise of "bankrupting coal," as China refuses to account for its airplane emissions to the floundering, green European Union, history is replete with evidence of environmentally induced tragedies. The following proof comes from a local New Mexico newspaper which, as far back as 1996, shows how the current and devastating wildfires were started with the help of environmental policies.

High Country News @1996 [About Catron County, New Mexico - The heart of the current devastating fires] Loggers, timber companies, environmentalists and the Forest Service all agree that thinning is needed to restore a forest that's choking on smaller trees and threatened with catastrophic fires. But those trees can't be removed until the legal issues are resolved that have stopped all Southwestern logging since 1995, the year a federal court injunction was issued. ...A proposal contends that the federal government, by refusing to recognize "private rights' to federal land, is becoming "more of a planner and a controller of people than a servant." Timber-cutting would resume, targeting small trees. The sale of wood products and grazing fees would help raise funds to run the program.

History is replete with examples of death, starvation, and destruction caused by ideologues who have martyred themselves in order to implement their superior ideas on their fellow citizens in order to establish a more perfect Nirvana on earth. There are so many, but here are just a couple of many instances where the EPA has wreaked havoc such as:Environmentalists Induced Fires In California back in 2011. Even one of NASA's greatest disasters, the explosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia, can be attributed to wacko Environmentalists meddling in the U.S. space program.

Locally, in northeastern Ohio, a candy factory was not allowed to build when and where it wanted in Twinsburg (Where the international Twins Day Festival is celebrated), because said buildings might interfere with the habitat of the Indiana Lactating Bat - which had not even been seen in this area in 8 years!

The examples of unnecessary oppression by EPA/Sierra Club/Audobon etc. people are endless, yet, this year, the Sackett family that had fought the EPA for 8 years finally won their right in the Supreme Court, only, to go to a lower court in order to further plead their case to build their retirement home on land that the EPA mistakenly called a "wetland." Thanks to the Pacific Legal Foundation for fighting this one to the (almost) finish.