Sunday, May 13, 2012

Is "Gay Week" Finally Over?

I know that in the media every week is "Gay Week," but the past seven days have been non stop gay agenda lobbying from the President to the lowly Saturday Night Live program, which featured several homocentric skits, the worse of all, a faux musical, where pant dropping Will Ferrel and others sang about giving themselves sexual gratification (I can't bear to say how). This was after the beginning of the show when Ferrell kissed and sang to his mother who was in the audience. Proud mother, not. Just a special treat for Mothers Day in Ferrell's mind.

Vice President Joe Biden led off the week with an announcement that, it does not bother him if gay couples "marry." Then, President Obama, prior to a 15 million dollar fundraiser with gay Hollywood libs at George Clooney's house, confessed that his take on confirming gay marriage has been evolving (ie., He better do it, or gay Hollywood will cut him off). The President also confessed that he consulted with his daughters Sasha and Malia before forming his, maybe, final opinion to endorse sodomite marriage, which he as been opposed to for some time. The Prez's daughters attend a very liberal and expensive Quaker Sidwell Friends School, which is so opened minded, that its brains and morality fell out long ago.

During this past week, it was noticed by several astute talk radio hosts, including Howie Chizek of Akron's, that across the country, schools were hosting a "Cross-Dressing" day, where young boys could wear girls bras and panties, as part of Homecoming or Spirit Week. I don't remember such celebrations back in the day.

I tuned in to American Idol, just for a sec, to see that one of the greatest singers I have ever heard, Joshua Ledet, was possibly gay. I hope not. But then I even gave Johnny Weir the benefit of the doubt. Oops.

Also, very disappointing, was Greg Gutfeld and Fox's latenight Redeye, which was not only putting down Santorum and Romney for their lack of fondness for gay marriage, but was above and beyond the norm in promoting the gay agenda. Redeye, fortunately on in the wee hours of the night, is good for unusual stories, but it has gotten worse in exalting everything gay. These comedians are no longer cutting edge conservatives,when they constantly bend over frontwards to please the gay community. Gutfeld's jokes about "locking up boys in the basement," and his references to "hanging out in men's bathrooms and bathhouses, " if only kidding, makes him look just like another disgusting Hollywood lib.His beautiful wife is a stylist, so maybe he has no choice in the matter.

Hillary Rosen, the lesbian who slammed Ann Romney for, "Not knowing what its like to work," was also celebrating this historic week, where President Obama pulled off an even more daring stunt than his taking out Osama Bin Laden - he evolved into a gay marriage promoter. Evidently, he was sleeping through Rev. Wright's sermon on gay marriage.

On the brighter side, the Methodist Church finally legislated that gay marriage and gay ordination to the ministry was "not compatible with Methodist doctrine." That leaves the United Church of Christ and the Episcopal Church as the leading havens for unrepentant homosexuals. And, I don't really think the mother, and model, on the front page of Time Magazine being suckled by her three year old son was a plus for heterosexuality. Thank God, they did not show a picture of her servicing her five year old son, who was mercifully not included on Time's soft porn cover. Another bit of good news is that Glee has lost its luster - after repetitiously featuring an overabundance of gay lust. These libs are so bigoted and theophobic against godly people, as well as the Word of God.

And, there is the good news that North Carolina voted in a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as solely between a man and a woman. And, tens of thousands of North Carolinians are petitioning the state government to cancel the 2012 Presidential Democratic National Convention. Have fun there, President Obama, when you visit (or not) Charlotte in September. Maybe the week was better than I thought.