Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blacks, Libs Gear Up For Rodney King 2.0 Riots Re:Trayvon

Its no coincidence that CNN Cable is featuring a sort of 'Remember Rodney King Week,' especially since the Trayvon Martin case has eerily taken on the same format as those riotous days starting on April 29, 1992 that left over 60 people dead, and over 2000 injured, and causing over 1 billion dollars in damage. This was the reaction of King sympathizers who were reacting almost as badly as those who rioted in Memphis, Tennessee in April of 1968 when another King was assassinated - Martin Luther King.

I was training with the Marine Corps at the Naval Air Station in Memphis of that year, and the Marine Corps thoughtfully denied us the liberty to go out on the town for days, if not weeks after MLK was gunned down. Unfortunately, two African American kids died and 500 were arrested. Business were destroyed.

Rodney King was described as a muscular man weighing 220 pounds at about 6' 4". Rodney King left a residence high on alcohol and marijuana, allegedly, and charged out onto a L.A. freeway up to 90 MPH. Seeing the police in hot pursuit, King exited the highway into a residential neighborhood at speeds upward to 80 mph. He was weaving, speeding, and obviously had little control of the car. Rodney King later reported that he, "Had to evade the police," because a DUI would violate his parole for a former robbery conviction.

King was eventually stopped and corralled by a number of police men and women who ordered him to the ground. "King initially remained in the car. When he finally did emerge, he acted bizarrely: giggling; patting the ground; and waving to the police helicopter overhead."After assuming the prone position, King bolted up, throwing two officers off of his back and striking another officer. And, that's when the officers initiated the many beatings - which Rodney King did not seem to respond to - continually attempting to get off the ground - as he was taking the blows. Just as in the Trayvon Martin case, the blood thirsty liberal media (not much of Fox News back then) began airing on TV, over and over and over again, only the video footage which showed the beating- no before or after the beating video footage was presented, which could have explained how and why it was so difficult to restrain and arrest King.

Just as Al Sharpton is cruisin' to bruise certain ethnic people in hoped-for upcoming riotous behavior, the Rodney King riots extended far across the U.S., but in more isolated ways. I remember many reports back in the day,1992, where local blacks would beat local whites "For Rodney King." Not unlike today where Trayvon sympathizers/Zimmerman haters are reportedly beating such men as a Mobile, Alabama man who is in a critical care unit after being beaten to within an inch of his life by 30 thugs "For Trayvon. "Not a hate crime," according to police.

I and others, who have worked or volunteered in prisons or mental hospitals, know that even a wild, demon possessed girl of 120 pounds can do much harm to guards and orderlies as she flings and flails arms and legs at anyone who approaches.

The acquittal verdicts against four charged police officers were not to the satisfaction of the African American community, so they rioted, killed and robbed the South Central area of Los Angeles to the point that it never recovered.

Since the trials and riots, Rodney King has sort of straightened out after many brushes with the law and winning a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles. King became a celebrity, and for his many subsequent offenses against the law, he was untouchable. In fact, after hitting his wife with a car, Rodney was only given 90 days in jail. Rodney King has been often quoted, "Why can't we all just get along?" May I say that we could all get along, Rodney, if we all would obey the laws of the land and not speed through residential neighborhoods at 80 MPH hopped up on alcohol and reefer. It also might help that when we are arrested to take the prone position, obey commands, and not charge, strike, and push police officers.

Nearly everything Al Sharpton has touched has turned to crap: Tawana Brawley, Crown Heights, Freddy's Fashion Mart, Duke La Crosse, etc., and now Trayvon Martin. Will Al Sharpton drive his clownish clones to rioting if the Zimmerman trial does not turn out to his (or CNN's and MSNBC's) liking? I pray not.

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