Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Media Bias In Zimmerman/Trayvon Coverage

[As Printed In Akron Beacon Journal March 28]

Return of 
media bias

Pulitzer Prize-winning Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post has joined the fray with black leaders across the country who are calling for the lynching of Hispanic George Zimmerman for his self-defense shooting of Trayvon Martin.

Robinson, a professorial racialist akin to Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton, also rushed to judgment in 2006 when multiple white Duke lacrosse players were falsely accused of the hate crime of raping a black stripper at a college party. Robinson remarked back then, “It’s impossible to avoid thinking of all the black women who were violated by drunken white men in the American South over the centuries.”

Statistically, it is an extremely rare occasion for a white person to murder a black, as opposed to blacks perpetrating crimes against whites, yet the crimes of blacks killing blacks are ignored by liberal blacks as well as by white liberals, who must presume that black-on-black crime is a constant that must be accepted and cannot be remedied.

The press has not done well to depict the baby-faced Martin as the innocent kid. It is now known that one witness has testified that the 6-foot-2-inch Martin was on top of a crying Zimmerman, flailing away, breaking Zimmerman’s nose and bloodying his head, before Martin was fatally shot. To racialists, it is the perfect storm, but to the rest of the country it is pure and simple media bias of the most disgusting sort.

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