Thursday, February 23, 2012

Praying For Maureen Dowd's Excorcism

Disrespectful, blasphemous clip art accompanying Maureen Dowd's latest column -

Fanatical Santorum Wages His 'Spiritual War'

I don't want to seem too fanatical to Maureen Dowd, the NY Time's preeminent lady journalist, but she is indeed need of deliverance from a spirit that is quite contrary to anything that may be considered good and wholesome. This has been proven many times in her past writings, as well as today in her denunciation of Rick Santorum as a crazy man. See below. Rick Santorum is not yet my pick for President, nor would I nominate him for Catholic sainthood (I am a non Catholic, anyway), but many of his religious tenants, though opposite to that she-devil Dowd, are in sync with my own understanding of spiritual things.

Ms. Dowd, an admitted lapsed Catholic and former Republican, did a fair job of demonizing the practicing Catholic, Rick Santorum, for his moral and Catholic stands on abortion, same sex marriage, etc. By fair job, I mean that Maureen has pleased liberals by doing the work of the devil by demonizing Rick Santorum in her newspaer commentary "Fanatical Santorum Wages His 'Spiritual War." In the same commentary in my newspaper the Beacon Journal, there is a clip art cartoon of a goofy looking Santorum on his knees clutching a cross - the much maligned symbol of Christianity and all that is holy.

So, Maureen, in trying to prove that she is "More Pagan Than Thou," does her usual thing of bashing basic tenants of Christianity - Biblical scripture, as well as the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Maureen, a life long bachelorette who is well known for defending Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewishky scandal (won a Pulitze for it) and bashing that 'Swaggering Cowboy' George Bush, is aghast that Rick has supported laws that would require pregnant teens who are thinking about an abortion, to merely view an ultrasound of that "thing" within her, which she has the power to destroy with the help of Planned Parenthood and other programs designed to help young women dispose of that living creature, also known as a baby.

Maureen has trouble taking the high ground in her moral argument against Rick Santorum, but she has no trouble in taking the the low road that leads to destruction. And, she may win another Pulitzer in the process. Come out of her !!!!!! (And Nancy Pelosi)


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*Various newspapers which carry Dowd's columns, may rephrase the title of columns.