Tuesday, April 17, 2012

George Washington Would Be Too Rich To Be President Re: Obama

I cannot think of a better community organizer than our founding President George Washington. His charge to organize thousands of non professional soldiers to fight a war against the well trained and well equipped Brit Redcoats had to be at least as difficult as President Obama's tireless efforts to round up fellow travelers on the south side of Chicago to harass banks for not lending to people who could not repay loans.

Although, we know nothing about Obama's early financing, except that it probably was gifted to him by a sheik, or two, George Washington married into money through his wife Martha, not unlike Senators John Kerry or John McCain. Washington thus inherited thousands of acres of land. President Washington was also awarded for his service, as a veteran, in the French and Indian war - adding thousands of more acres to his holdings. Even before the Revolutionary War, Washington was one of the wealthiest men in the Americas. Washington's wealth was at one time estimated to be well over 500 million dollars - much more than Mitt Romney's comparatively more meager estate.

As far as I know, George Washington did not receive millions of dollars in royalties for writing books about his "dreams" as an English citizen, or glamorizing a communist father from the old country that he never knew. Although Washington was the first man to sign the Constitution, he may not have been a Constitutional scholar on par with Barack Obama. Thank God.

Washington had quite a different take on taxes. There were practically no taxes in his time of a freer America, except for tariffs that charged other countries for importing goods. As long as the United States imposed taxes on foreign nations' goods, America ran a federal budget surplus. An overreaching "Commerce Clause" was not so interpreted at this early time in American history, because it would have been unthinkable to give the federal government unrestricted authority over such things as, say, national health insurance.

George Washington is oft quoted for his opposition to "Entangling Alliances," yet, he himself was not opposed to accepting gifts and loans from other countries, like France, which supplied gold,soldiers, and navies to the Revolutionaries during the war with Britain.

George Washington was the most honorable of men who, did not attend college, freed his slaves, loved his country, actively fought more than one war, united the country, prospered by working with his own hands and business, and did not vilify fellow Americans for not paying their "fair share" of taxes. President Obama to the contrary . . . . .

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