Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ohio Judge Permits Student To Wear "Jesus Is Not A Homophobe" Tee Shirt Whenever He Wants. And Pays Him.

As usual, the Waynesville, Ohio public school had to back down against the powerful gay Lamda Legal organization which lawyered up for a gay student who wanted to wear a "Jesus Is Not A Homophobe" tee shirt in school. Well, the student, not knowing much about Jesus to begin with, should have understood that Jesus fears nothing, but he will judge many things, such as adultery, homosexuality, etc. if there is no repentance. I asked the Ohio judge, who made the decision, if a student could be allowed to wear a shirt saying, "God Judged Sodom and Gomorrah."

The said judge, Michael Barrett, appointed by George W. Bush,no less, also awarded the gay teen $20,000 of the school district's money. The ACLU and similar orgs have taken discipline out of schools, and replaced it with a no rules pandemonium. Schools simply back down from lawsuits initiated by their liberal lawyer brethren.

Judges are people,too, so why not drop one a line?

Honorable Judge Michael Barrett United States District Court Southern District Of Ohio (Open Letter) Potter Stewart U.S. Courthouse, Room 239 100 East Fifth Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Dear Judge Barrett,

To say the decision to allow the gay boy, Maverick Couch, to wear his "Jesus Is Not A Homophobe," tee shirt in public school is bewildering, is an understatement of the highest order. I am especially amazed at all the pro LBGTQ (Questioning) zeitgeist within the American press, academia, Hollywood, Congress, as well as the Executive and Judicial branches of government. How has the homosexual lobby caused so many otherwise sensible people to bend over frontward for their cause (including VAWA), thus giving the heterosexual community even fewer rights than those so privileged to be a minority, especially, the more cause celebre - gays?

Its as if the pro gay sympathizers feel they are on some sort of messianic mission to nourish the homosexual agenda. Either that, or they have been hypnotically mesmerized by Lady Gaga.

Discipline is already non existent in so many public schools, yet, school children have been given even more license to disrupt classes with such "in your face" sacrilegious as well as politically biased self expressive clothing. I spent many years in Catholic school, as I suggest you also have, Judge Barrett, so possibly you have forgotten that discipline in parochial schools has made it much easier to learn - without distraction - due to rules. You have rules of court, so why not allow schools to have rules? Such mundane policies as requiring school uniforms has encouraged, at least, a bit more semblance of order within the same schools. Why seek to destroy such policies?

Will students be allowed to wear "Jesus Judged Sodom and Gomorrah" apparel, resulting from your decision? The repercussions of this decision are endless.

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