Monday, June 11, 2012

Should The Secret Service Keep All Secrets - Especially Bill Clinton's?

A Senate panel investigation has sent out 7000 emails to active and former Secret Service agents asking for their input on the behavior of their brother Secret Service agents recently, and in times past, in various parts of the world.

Other witnesses to the party-on attitude of the SS are also providing historical narratives, such as a Fort Worth Texas columnist, Ray Sanders, who recalls the drunken and riotous behavior of SS agents in Dallas way back in 1963 - the week JFK was assassinated.

So, an agency's activities which have remained Top Secret for years, will now have to divulge the sacred inner workings of those closest to the American presidents - including former President William Jefferson Clinton. Now, we know BJ Clinton loved the ladies, except, sadly, Hillary, and had been accused of rape, sexual assault, and other sorts of carnal knowledge in the Oval Office, which he had almost gotten away with, if not for the revelation of the infamous DNA stained Blue Dress worn by the pizza delivery girl with the black beret.

So, if the esteemed Secret Service members, active and retired, are being asked to reveal heretofore secrets about each other's behavior, should they also divulge tidbits about President Clinton's numerous governmental affairs?