Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Outsourcer-In-Chief Obama Has Sent More Jobs Overseas Than Bain Ever Could

So, its piling on time by the media trying to murder Mitt Romney for being responsible for outsourcing jobs to foreign countries. Business rags like Bloomberg and the Financial Times have been hammering the Mittster for things that have been, for years, ethical and permissible under U.S. law - just as countless other big Democrat donor companies have been doing for years - going oversease to invest and make product. The United States, as of President Obama's inauguration, has an accumulated investment of over 4.1 Trillion Dollars invested overseas. These investments include jobs, goods, taxes, and services, some of which are brought back into the United States, and which will be used for Americans' enjoyment and profit.

The same week that the attack on Romney's association on Bain Capital surfaced, Obama received a $1,000,000 donation from Blackstone which has been a huge outsourcer of jobs, yet the Press gave it very little mention.

General Electric, headed by Jeffrey Imelt, one of President Obama's business Czars has been responsible for firing over 34,000 American jobs, while sending 25,000 jobs overseas. Not a whimper from the lamestream media.

As Obama has increased welfare, SSI, and SSD benefits to historically high percentages, more people have been tempted to lay themselves off from work, or just not get interested enough to find employment. There are millions of job openings for every sort of interest from technical to lower pay jobs, but many Americans have been lulled into Obamanomics and his Tinkle-Up Economy (As opposed to Trickle Down) which dictates that if the government gives (borrows and prints money) enough free stuff and money to the poor (and to those earning up to 4 times the poverty level), then those noveau riche poor will pour their windfall profits via the generosity of Uncle Sam back into the economy, and thereby pump up the U.S. economy. Four years and 4 Trillion Dollars later, we are still waiting. President Obama's latest attempt to boost the economy (buy votes) has come via his most recent Tinkle-Up Economic tactic, ie.,

Obama Calls for $12.7 Trillion in New Welfare Spending ,which promises to make it even easier for non-workers to receive welfare benefits, especially if they have no desire to work.

John Stossel , others , and I Have Jobs But No One Wants Them, and Obama's Big Government Absorbtion Of The Middle Class present excellent reports on how and why many unemployed Americans will not apply for jobs because "the jobs don't pay enough." And, truly, they do not pay as well as the innumerable multitude of government welfare programs, which they partake of, while working under the table. Just another reason American companies go overseas to find talent. An Education Bubble, built by Democrats through the years, has only quadrupled the cost of college education while not preparing so many graduates for their future - of bearing a huge education debt, and unemployment, no thanks to President Obama for sitting on the economy. American Employers Cannot Find Qualified Workers For 3.3 Million Jobs Openings

Obama's next "boost" to the economy is the promise to increase taxes on job creators come January 1, 2013, otherwise known as TaxMageddon - for good reason. Obama's Job Council, which was formed to stop the hemorrhaging of U.S. jobs, is directed by some of the all time biggest outsourcers of jobs like GE, Boeing,Xerox, and American Express, as posted in the Huffington Post. Yes, you heard it right, the Huffington Post. It makes one wonder if President Obama ever looks in the mirror, ever listens to what he says, or ever reevaluates his perpetual flip-flopping (evolutions). Obama may even be prouder of the jobs he's killed when TaxMageddon arrives,next year, yet, businesses are already restraining employment because of BO's promise to do "What's Fair."

He's a Harvard intellectual when interviewed privately, but he turns into Malcolm X behind the podium, addressing his minions with the roar of Jeremiah Wright. How many Obamas are there? As many as there are Social Security numbers, I would guess.

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