Saturday, October 06, 2012

President Obama - Ladies Man, Adored By Single Young Females

Is it the way he jogs up to the Presidential podium, as his  fists bounce together  in perfect timing? Is it his slim figure decked out in high-end designer, Hart Schaffner Marx (Yes, Marx, no kidding) suits that gets the attention of  contraceptive hungry young ladies? Maybe, its Obama's hanging with the in crowd like the Limp Pimp, Jay Z/Beyonce, or George Clooney. Why does one of the Judd girls (Naomi?) fawn over him? Eva Longoria loves him, according to a recent commercial,  and she, if anyone, knows a good man, or should I say she has known a number of men - two husbands of which, were  kicked to the curb. Even Madonna gave out an honorary shout to Barack, on stage, proclaiming that he was a "Bleeping Moslem." Later, Madonna offered a contorted explanation for  her "complement." President Eye Candy is far from that President W, who was constantly faulted by NY Times Maureen Dowd for W's "cowboy swagger."

Mr. Cool, President Obama, has always reminded me of a Mohair Sam - "Fast Talkin, Slow Walkin, Good Looking   Mohair Sam," and not because of his race. President Clinton, the slickster,  could easily be described by that famous Rhythm and Blues  song from the mid sixties. Mitt Romney is that conservative, straight laced dad, who would train a daughter from a very young age to not be needing  an allowance to buy thousands of dollars worth (according to Sandra Flucke) of Morning After Pills and other assorted baby destroying drugs. Mitt and Ann Romney have re decided against abortion, but Obama has already claimed that abortion for his daughters would not be a problem.Women's rights, today, translate to the freedom for women to dispose of that living appendage in their gut. The Democratic Convention made it clear in Charlotte that its main platform was to 1) Furnish free abortion pills, 2)Boo Jerusalem, and 3)Boo God..

Maybe, the young lady demographic which  heavily supports  Obama, believes that he will advance their careers, not only by making babies more disposable, but also through opening up the dismal jobs market for them.However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has been showing a steady decline of young women in the workforce - 55% down from a high in 1989 of 72%. The unemployment rate is about 16% now for young women, and there is no improvement foreseen.

Possibly, these young American women are suffering a sort of Stockholm Syndrome attachment to Obama and the Democrats. The worse they are treated, the more they obey their bad boy masters. I see it all the time in these real life murder detective stories on cable. Young women are rarely responsible for the murders, drugging, and robberies they commit, because they are "under the control" of some domineering boyfriend. No equal rights there.

The Lily Ledbetter Act was a another deceiving Democrat-pushed piece of legislative crap (like the Violence Against Women Act, and the Hate Crimes Laws) that promises women a winning lawsuit,  courtesy of the Equal Employment Opportunity people, if they only "think" they have been discriminated against on the job. Better, and easier, than winning the lottery. Affirmative action (boosting women, and racial minorities) has so far boosted them into unproductive, government dependent jobs in state agencies, teaching positions,  and anything connected with Uncle Sam. Because of this, government and business has become more inefficient and wasteful. No thanks, Democrats.There are plenty of qualified women that can do most anything - unfortunately  they are mostly conservative, and no real value to the Dems.

Younger non-college women, with child, without husband, are a shoe-in for Obama, mainly because of the massive amount of benefits available to them (tax free) ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 per year, depending upon the state delivering the Obama money, but why would younger college women support Obama when 53% of recent college graduates are unemployed? There is also the good argument that the U.S. is producing  too many college graduates - perpetually inflating the education bubble, mainly with women.