Thursday, October 04, 2012

Debate: Obama Can Whip-Up A Crowd, Just Cannot Address One

It must be laziness (no racialist intention here) that accompanied President Obama into the Denver auditorium to debate (or try to) Mitt Romney. The President has become so accustomed to speaking to his suckupophants, that he imagined it would be a breeze overwhelming Mitt with his now challenged charisma.

For years, Obama has staged press conferences with the adoring press tossing him softees,except for some lone Fox wolves giving him a little jab here and there. Everywhere the President has traveled,  campaigning for the past 4 years, his devotees have filled his venues, exploding with rapturous cheer wherever his holiness appeared.

Now comes a debate, devoid of applause, sans teleprompter, and no one to converse with but Mitt Romney and the affable PBS host, Jim Lehrer - who makes a good case for not refunding Public Broadcasting.

As we have seen in recent tapes when  Obama is speaking to Black pastors, he has no trouble in taking on his southern, hot collar preaching  mode, and whipping up a crowd into a frenzy. Unfortunately, when Obama is not performing in the presence of racialist audiences, who cannot glorify him with a shout or two, he comes off as a dud.  And, no thanks to John Kerry for his invaluable "debate coaching," which also rendered the President as boring as Kerry.

Of course, the media, having trouble blaming O too much, cast aspersions on the moderator, Jim Leherer, who "Let Romney take over the debate." Conservatives generally think it unseemly to overly gloat, but Romney clearly ate Obama's lunch - and, not one of those Michelle school lunches with the fried sweet potatoes. Romney clearly  got the beef last night.

When Jim Carville nicknames Romney, "Chainsaw Mitt," and when Chris Matthews shouts, "What is Romney doing? He's winning!!," you know that  the end is near.