Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hillary Clinton's Exagerated Indignation Syndrome Pushing The Arab Red Hot Winter

Wherever you see the American flag burning, you can guess that either the American Left or violent Islamists are nearby. There are thousands and thousands of anti Islamic and anti Mohammad videos and other compositions online and in books that have been easily accessible - for years in the United States and other Western countries, yet Hillary Clinton - Secretary of State, Susan Rice - Ambassador to the United Nations, and President Obama   have pleaded with the Moslem world that, "The United  States government has had nothing to do with the video." In fact, it is the has been the United States government which has guaranteed such free speech for over 200 years. Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, this past week has been sympathizing,excusing, convincing and reinforcing the irate Moslems' belief that their actions are justified - because of a dag blamed video!

President Obama, who has been Talking  Softly and Carrying A Toothpick, since he first started "talking tough" with Iran - 4 years ago, has been unwittingly reinforcing the Arab Spring turning into a  red hot  winter. And, what would you expect for someone who would win a Nobel Peace Prize - before they actually did anything to engender peace at home or abroad? Its like the Nobel Peace Prize was just another affirmative action freebie - like a free ride to a Harvard professorship -   or presidency - without any bona fides, or experience needed.

Hillary Clinton among others has been constantly reinforcing the idea to the 1.5 Billion Islamic community that, "It is the video," "It is the video," although there are many anti Mohammad, anti Moslem, and anti Koran videos on Youtube. Of course, she is referring to one lonely, little seen, amateurish video made, we now know, by a Coptic Christian from Egypt, thus focusing her entire diplomatic purpose on just one film, even though it is all too obvious that the Islamic Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda and were planning for a "special" Islamic remembrance of September 11, just a week after the President pronounced in his weekly radio message, "We have ended the Taliban Regime."

To borrow from Jim Quinn of the syndicated Quinn and Rose  radio program, "Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent." In attempting to quell the rioting through appeasement, pacification, and ingratiation for the past four years, the administration has given credence to the Islamic outbreaks and has reinforced them through Ms. Clinton's dictating to the the hordes, " We know its the video that has upset you, and we are terribly sorry for OUR conduct," which led the FBI to uncover the filmmaker's identity, thus making his life less valuable than Salman Rushdie's after publishing the "Satanic Verses." No thanks for the sacrificial lamb, Uncle Sam, who has revealed to us that the film producer  lives quite unsafely now  in California. Incidentally, the bounty on Salman Rushdie's head has been upped to 3.3 million dollars - for his 1981 publication of Satanic Verses, which depicts the Koran as a ripoff of the Hebrew Bible and other sources.

Exaggerated Indignation Syndrome has been popularized by Western white guilt, political correctness, and Democrats in order to gain the popularity of minorities and leftists, and especially, their votes.
One of many examples of Exaggerated Indignation,is the recent black attack on the  McDonald's Hamburger chain for "targeting African American customers by luring them to Chicken McNuggets through hip hop artists such as Keith Sweat and his rap: "McDonald's Have Given Me The Chance To Share My Love For Chicken McNuggets" tv commercials. You get the idea. In Britain, banks were banned from giving away Piggy Banks to customers, because of the indignation expressed by Muslims for the bank daring to use a pig as a prize. The list of grievances are endless because of the new political tool which seems to have more effect in oppressing a country than the Islamic Scimitar. Indignation, like Racism, under every rock.

This past week, Secretary General of the Untied Nations bought into Exaggerated Indignation in a most confusing and contradictory way. Banki Moon announced, "Freedom of speech mush be protected unless it provokes or humiliates someones beliefs." Huh?? And, that ever unjust United States  Justice Department's Civil Rights division was questioned by Rep.Trent Franks - several times - if they would, "Never entertain or advance a proposal that criminalizes speech against any religion."  The Justice Department official, just recently successful in indicting an Amish sect for hate crimes (shaving beards), would not answer the simple question.

Hillary Clinton and company have successfully convinced Muslims around the world that "the video" has caused an eruption of anti American riots, and has also taught them how to more effectively use Exaggerated Indignation as an effective political tool. Shariah Law (prohibition of speaking against Mohammad, Islam, or the Koran) may be instituted, not by the sword - but through  the employment of Exaggerated Indignation Syndrome. It has  certainly worked for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.