Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Time To Fire The General Who Fired The Colonel Who Taught Dangers Of Radical Islam?

Now Is The Time For All Good Men To Come To The Aid Of Their Country by sending a   Facebook message to Joint Chief of Staff Chairman Army General Martin Dempsey at

In the past few days, General Dempsey railed against an 18 year combat veteran, Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Dooley, for teaching a course Perspectives on Islam and Radical Islamization, which rightly portrays a segment of Islam as "radical." Who would guess? For all practical purposes, Lieutenant Colonel Dooley's decorated career is over, because of this dressing down from the highest military command.According to reports, 57 Islamic organizations petitioned President Obama to "severely discipline" and "purge" any such instructors who would identify Islam as anything  other than a religion of peace, I guess. This sort of cowardice explains how one Major Hasan , Army psychiatrist, was able to go undetected and unreported for his virulent anti-American and pro terrorist attitude at Fort Hood before  2009, when he killed or wounded over 40 U.S. soldiers, while shouting "Allahu Akbar!"

Please, support the Thomas More Law Center which is defending Lt Col Dooley.

The Pentagon is in the midst of gutting our armed forces of its long time traditional religious morale based, unashamedly, on the God of Our Fathers, which has  not only been a traditional Army hymn, but an actual devotion by United States soldiers, sailors, and Marines for over two hundred years. What was considered counter productive by George Washington and countless other military leaders through the centuries - buggery - is now applauded and praised by the Department of Defense with great fanfare and even parades! Christian Chaplains are discouraged from even mentioning "Jesus" in many of their ceremonies. All this disrespect for God has no doubt floated down from the top - Potus Pilate, if you will. Hopefully, Romney will reverse this attitude,as well as many other of Obama's policies.

After so many bad reports, one has to wonder who's side General Dempsey is on - other than President Obama's. I know the U.S. Armed Forces have to serve at the pleasure of the Commander In Chief, but I don't think there is a law demanding that they have to be toadies for everything the President dictates. I'll have to consult constitutional scholar Mark Levin on that one.

General Dempsey's name keeps popping up in the news - because of his attitude that does not seem to very well regard the welfare of the American soldiers he oversees.

Last month, after more of our troops were ambushed by the same Afghani soldiers they were training, General Dempsey, it was reported, demanded that U.S. forces undergo additional "sensitivity training," so they could more fully understand the feelings and sensitivities of our Islamic foes.

General Dempsey has also been in the news as of late for cowering before the Florida Pastor Terry Jones, pleading with him not to show that  video that was inciting riots - according to the Obama administration, but no one else.

In another recent event, General Dempsey attacked Republicans for refuting his claims that drastic cuts could easily  be made in the military  despite the consensus of the majority of military brass, staff and advisers.

In still another unbelievable decision by the highest commanding military officer in the United States, Republicans  grilled  him on his possible opinion that, "There is no need for members of the military to vote." Paraphrased

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Here's mine -  "Gen Dempsey, As a disability retired Marine, medevaced out of Vietnam in 1970, considering your dressing  down of LTC Matthew Dooley for no reason, not correcting President Obama on military matters, cowering before a Florida church pastor over "the video," promoting the end of Don't Ask Dont Tell, and, possibly, hindering your own armed forces from voting, I kindly ask you to resign, retire, retrograde to the rear, or whatever is most convenient for you. Now we know how such a renegade terrorist as Major Nidal Hasan was able to have so much freedom to be intolerant, and eventually kill or wound over 40  members of your own army. Sensitivity can kill, sir." 

PS Even the beautiful CBS 60 Minute correspondent Lara Logan, as of late, has clearly exposed the ineffective touchy-feely attitude of the President toward our natural born killer enemies here.