Sunday, October 21, 2012

Speaking Of Videos, Why No Mention Of Lybian Ambassador Chris Steven Torture/Rape Video?

As we look forward, or not, to Monday's final Presidential debate focused on U.S. foreign policy, it should be a slam dunk for Romney to expose the incomprehensible diplomatic policies of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, D.O.S, Susan Rice, representative to the United Nations, and everyone else connected to United States foreign policy decisions, including the Pentagon, CIA, NSA etc.

Obama has admitted that, "The Buck Stops Here," and Hillary Clinton has taken full responsibility for the Benghazi attacks with the reservation that there was bad decision making because of the Fog of War. Too bad they never gave W Bush the same tolerance when he misjudged  international operations.

Democrats have never boasted to be big defenders of the U.S. Constitution, much less American home and abroad.  JFK promised the Bay of Pigs invaders help, but pulled out the rug - in the middle of their attack on Cuba. Teddy Kennedy supported winning the Vietnam War introduced by Lyndon B. Johnson, but then he thought it better to cut and run. When the U.S. was fighting Communism in Latin America, Kennedy, Kerry, and a slew of Democrats, of course, reversed course for political reasons. Jimmy Carter should be added to the list of Americans who made an ill planned attempt to rescue Americans taken hostage in Iran. The unfortunate suicide bombing of the Marine Barracks in Lebanon was under the supervision of a multi national force, not U.S. President Reagan directly, which explains why we do better when not encumbered by international types. Who can forget Black Hawk Down when   President Clinton refused to reinforce Army Rangers Delta Force who begged for more armament in Mogadishu in 1993, but were refused. As a result 20 soldiers died, 80 were wounded and tortured,  and one helicopter pilot taken prisoner.

Now comes Ambassador Chris Stevens, a gay man, according to sources, who is sent to an extremely  non secure area inhabited by Islamic radicals, refreshed after a bloody and violent uprising, who take pleasure in torturing and killing homosexuals.  Hillary and Company's PC ideology has always been proud of forcing social engineering in the U.S. and everywhere else on earth, thinking of it as  a great triumph for liberalism. Hillary and Company  (Pentagon included) disallow any sort of Christian witnessing, carrying a Bible, or anything of the sort, but send a gay may out among gay killers - that will show 'em! I have had friends employed by the State Department, who can testify that anti Christian bias  has been wreaking harassment in that agency for many years.

Since even Fox News has not mentioned the horrific video of the sexual assault on Chris Stevens, I doubt that Romney will bring it up in the next debate, even though THIS IS THE VIDEO which should evoke outrage at the highest  levels among Americans For a less graphic version of the video, Michael Savage does a good job of describing it here.

I have little doubt that Hillary Clinton, Obama, National Security, CIA, NSA etc. had knowledge of this extremely graphic and masochistic killing of Chris Stevens early on, but decided that  they rather shift the public's attention  toward the anti-Mohammad video made in the U.S.A. in order to point the blame toward what else? An American.

Where is the outrage?