Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Watched The Last Presidential Debate. I Saw A Robot

Call it "postjudice,"or the making of a decision after examining gobs of evidence. I could not watch President Obama speak so peevishly and snarkily last night without also remembering so many of his cold and inhumane decisions, like voting as an Illinois  Senator to allow newborn babies, which escaped the abortionist's deadly scalpel, to lay until dead in the back room of a hospital's baby delivery room. I could not unremember him referring to the brutal rape and torture of ambassador Stevens as a "bump in the road," instigated by a "hateful anti Moslem video." Where were you, Mitt, on that one?  I could not disassociate President Obama from his Czars, while watching  the debate, nor could I not think of his Machiavellian and totalitarian EPA strangling American production. Despite President Obama's supposed thuggish win in the last debate, all I saw was a loser.Just the thought of Obamacare sums up dreams of Soviet Russia, which was very enthusiastic about government health care in the early part of the twentieth century, but then found out what a horrible, inefficient waste it would become - too late.

Nevertheless and notwithstanding,  that was not the sole reason for judging the President as an automaton in last night's debate. Even a Manchurian candidate would have had more feeling and a sense of respectability. He peevishly taught Mitt Romney, as an arrogant Harvard professor would that, "We have fewer bayonets and horses and we have planes which land on aircraft carriers, etc." Well, duh.

I saw a dark man (not skin color) who had nothing behind his eyes,nor did I see anything but a well trained robot spouting off jabs and zingers, with smiles and Biden-type smirks and faces, which would surely enliven  his robotoid supporters.

President Obama's strategy was merely to throw crap out there and present himself as a sucker punching gladiator - no holds barred.That he did, but there was hardly a knockout. In recent previous weeks, President Obama and Biden have been hammering out their "Save The Woman" campaign, falling over each other offering women what they do not desire most - unlimited Free Abortions and Contraceptives.They really shot their wad (in a Colonial musketry sense), not knowing that most women are not so obsessed with abortion as those hardcore, mustachioed, short-haired  feminists of yesteryear like Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinhem, Betty Friedan, and more modern big pro abort ladies like Eva Longoria, Gloria Allred, Stephanie Cutter, and Sarah Silverman see (Sarah Silverman . . . likens Mitt Romney’s head to a lady part).

Astonishingly, and all of a sudden during last night's debate, President  Obama was best friends with Bebe Netanyahu - although he  passed up a meeting with Bebe in order to fly off to a meet and greet fundraiser with Jayzee and Beyonce, instead of meeting with the venerable Prime Minister of Israel. I mean, like the President has been doing this for 4 years - campaigning and apologizing as opposed to taking care of business, at home and abroad.

On foreign policy, the alleged subject of the debate, the only thing the President can claim is that he has attained the endorsements of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He killed one Osama Bin Laden, but he has resurrected  ten thousand more Bin Laden's during the Left's huge support of the Arab Spring. [My apologies to the Navy Seals, the real guys who got Bin Laden]

A possible added insult,  though CBS' Bob Schieffer seem to be even handed in his moderation of the debate; is that it has been reported that the audio technicians in the debate TV studio (CBS?) monkeyed with the audio levels - thus squelching Romney's voice.

Finally, don't be concerned about the lib CNN and CBS after-debate polls, as many of the same people polled, who gave Obama the debate victory,  said  they were voting for Romney for President of the U.S.A.

Lord willing, there is just one statement by President Obama which will remain truthful: "My Presidency
will be a one term proposition if the economy does not turn around."

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