Friday, January 25, 2013

The United States Armed Forces Unconditionally Surrenders To The ACLU

When I heard the inevitable, that Obama, Leon Panetta, and General Dempsey  finally caved into the ACLU, which sued to push women into hot combat zones, I thought back to my tour in Vietnam, when we would fly our Marine helicopters into Landing Zones which were north of the DMZ, and inhabited by Marine grunts - for months at a time. The guys were, quite remarkably, in good spirit, but hadn't bathed, of course, for weeks or more, and  many people  would say they were living like animals in an outpost far, far out there in the boonies of, literally, no man's land. No place for women, no matter how manly, and no place especially for someone half-way pretty. I was medevaced out of Nam in 1970, and witnessed the wounded fighting men who were shot-up while  in the various hospitals. It would have been even more devastating had I seen women with holes in their bodies. Sorry, but that's the way we are wired. Remember the frail yet heroic Jessica Lynch who received unending press coverage for her torturous experience in Iraq in 2003? Many more male soldiers experience much worse treatment at the hands of their enemies, yet few or none are invited to be interviewed on Oprah.

I know modern psychology dictates that we must adjust, as a society, to a gender melding, or  genderless   society as is now  taught to our youth in the public schools, but reality, and nature, dictate that the liberal dreamers are only doing this because it ultimately will not work. Hundreds and thousands of years of human military history has never seen a continuing victorious military, as our American military, employing pregnant women, buggers, (the British Naval term), or women in close fire, or hand to hand combat situations. Obama and those 60 some million who voted  for him are in the process of wrecking one of the few good things that America can brag on- a super military. They have destroyed public education, they have aborted away two generations of American citizens. They have overspent us into debt which we may never be free from. They have destroyed the sanctity of marriage. They have robbed America of its industriousness and motivation through massive welfare benefits.Then, there's Obamacare. Their last enemy - the United States Military - is on the chopping block, financially and morally - so, the libs may soon boast, like former President W Bush, "Mission Accomplished."

Back in the day, Vietnam circa 1968, we seldom encountered round-eyed American ladies in great numbers. There were, of course, many beautiful Vietnamese and Chinese women in country, but ordinary enlisted men, and Marine Corporals like myself, rarely laid eyes on them. The normal war torn Vietnamese mamasans looked like they were 70 when they were 40. Chewing beetle nut and perpetual gunfire did not help them retain any youthful beauty. Yes, there were ladies of the evening, morning, and noontime, but whore houses were off limits and the military could even court martial "whore mongers," but rarely did. There was the fear of contracting such things as "The Black Syph,' which was thought to be a terminal disease that would get a soldier a one way ticket to some distant Australian outback place, where the sufferer would languish forever, as in a leper colony. It was a myth that did help inhibit the old libido - which inhabited every normal, red blooded  American 19 year old at home or abroad.

Aside from the 600 Red Cross "Donut Dollies," who volunteered to cheer up the troops, there were virtually no fellow American gals to look at, much less fraternize with.

General Petraeus, who graduated from West Point as Vietnam was winding down, joined a newer U.S. Military, which would soon  be advancing multitudes of the fairer sex into the armed forces. Colorado Representative  and I Am Woman Hear Me Roar advocate, Patricia Shroeder, pushed the military to advance women pilots  into flying combat missions back in 1991. It was one of the first volleys to reengineer the military into becoming - not a super  effective fighting machine -  but a more of a  politically correct mechanism, which main mission would be to redistribute equality between the sexes. In the same year, the  Tailhook Scandal proved what can happen when military men and women do what comes naturally when both sexes are partying drunk, and one of the sexes (female) has the legal impetus to sue for harassment. It was a disaster for the Navy and Marines, and it bode what the future would be like with the "new and improved," throroughly modern  military.

We still have a great military machine, but it could be greater, and it could very well be on the decline - especially with the Democrat's low esteem for the military, and its defunding, as a rule. I mean, who else but a Democrat like Bill Clinton would say, " I loathe the military," and still be elected president? That tells you a lot about the Democrat electorate, and how much they value the United States Military.

The gay Army soldier, Bradley Manning, should have been flagged very early in his recruitment into the Army - long before he started shipping secret military information on Lady Gaga CDs to Assange and God knows who else. Just the fact that he liked Lady Gaga should have been a tip off. The same politically correct military dare not have challenged the nut doctor psychiatrist and Army Major Nidal Hasan ,who had been preaching/counseling Moslem terrorism to fellow sodiers/patients for years - before he killed or wounded over 30 American soldiers  at Fort Hood, while yelling, "Allah Akbar." That's the result of a kinder, gentler, touchy,feely American military, and it floats from the Joint Chiefs of Staff down hill to the lowliest private, as said by the oldest military maxim, "Sh*t Flows Down Hill." We are so extra sensitive to minorities that, after two years, the U.S. military courts have been delaying the trial of Major Hasan because he refuses to shave his beard. At Parris Island, we got off of the bus, stood in line and had our heads shaven from ear to ear. There was no ACLU to intervene in the trials and tribulations that boots might complain about. I now hear that Private Manning is complaining about the feeling of "being caged" in prison. Poor dear. He would have been shot by George Washington or flogged good for buggery in the old days. There have been good reasons why gays would not be trusted with military secrets since time immemorial. Not to excuse lusty Generals and CIA directors, or Secret Service Agents, or Bill Clinton, or the FBI agent who was investigating the Paula Broadwell emails - while sending shirtless picutres of himself to another lady under investigation.. Keep your pants on you men and women who are caretakers of our national security. And your shirts.

Even my alma mater, the  Marine Corps, after caving into the Gay Lobby, is now considering advancing Women Marines into more hot combat units. The modern Department Of  Defense as well as the Joint Chiefs of Staff have become as lib as Obama's voters - which translates that they are throwing out all the traditional rules of warfare in favor of  some sort of politically correct rules of war. They will never expose the problems that will arise with the  inclusion of gays, or women,  in close quarters with hetero men in the military, nor will they admit the cost to both morale and the economic structure of the U.S Armed Forces. They are libs. They like to lie.

For instance, it has been well known, but not reported, that the incidences of military  female pregnancies - sans husband - has risen thousands of percent, especially in war zones.The cost to the military's budget is astronomical when having to supply medical attention, housing, extra benefits, relocation of the woman, replacement of the mother on duty, and other expenses. It has been reported that the military is not forthcoming in reporting all the pregnancy statistics:Numbers Game: Is The Military Hiding Pregnancy Statistics?

Here is an offiical report on The Impact of Pregnancy On U.S. Army Readiness. Too bad it has not received the liberal news attention - as much as the Pentagon Papers did, but the report does outline the devastating consequences of the high number of pregnancies in the Army.

With spousal cheating occurring like never before in a degrading U.S. civilian society, the same has engendered more divorces in the U.S. Military, especially during wartime, according to this report -"Women in the military usually suffer higher rates of failed marriages than men and that trend held true again last year. Army women divorced at a rate of 8.5 percent compared to 2.9 percent for men. Female Marines divorced at a rate of 9.2 percent, compared to 3.3 percent of the married men. I also believe that the new, immoral spirit now enveloping the U.S Armed Forces will darken the Esprit de Corps of the entire military, resulting in  more service connected disabilities and even more suicides.

Whereas, FDR handed out Bibles to troops during WW II, and both Northern and Southern Civil War troops sang "Mine Eyes Have Seen The Coming Of The Glory Of The Lord," today, the Pentagon is bending over frontwards to appease the President's leftist agenda as pushed by the Gay Lobby along with the We Demand Free Contraceptives And Abortions  Female Lobby. The Dems will do anything for votes and campaign contributions.