Monday, December 17, 2012

Mass Shootings And The New Generation Of Young American Zombies

Adam Lanza (Connecticut School Kid Killer), Jared Loughner (Killed and wounded, including Gabby Giffords), T.J. Lane (Recently killed fellow classmates in Chardon Ohio) ,Brogan Rafferty (Teen conspired to kill Craigslist job applicants), James Holmes (Shot up theater dressed as orange haired Batman Joker), SeungHui Choi (Virginia Tech Massacre), Anders Brevik (2011 Norway Attacks)

I cannot recall a time in U.S. history where there was such a proliferation of younger conscienceless males, who created so much death and destruction in one generation  in American society - outside of war.

Even during the Vietnam Era, many of us returning vets were admittedly "not quite right," but we were nothing like the description given to us by the liberal left as a bunch of  "psychos." Today, the U.S. has spawned a generation of teens-young adults, who have been systematically taught not to judge themselves with something called a conscience, as they have been simultaneously taught to ignore the notion of an overruling God.. "Thou Shalt Not Kill" is only one of those basic commandments that has been purged from school curriculum, because teaching such would "violate the (mythic) separation of church and state." The ACLU is perpetually threatening schools, which eventually back down, from doing anything that hints at being a religious endeavor. So, if there is any common conception about what may be termed "good" (from the word "God")," it is disallowed, and  anything that is not good, is encouraged. IOW Good is out, and Bad is OK in the government schools and other institutions.

Adding to the injury, American liberal churches are more concerned  about marrying gays or saving the planet through preaching Green sermons and other feel good platitudes, as opposed to preaching the depravity of man along with Heaven Sweet and Hell Hot sermons.

I will not excuse the young men for their murderous activities, no matter if they were diagnosed as ADHD, and therefore  exempt from school discipline,  but is should be obvious that most of these men come from broken families encouraged by liberal divorce laws,permissive church policies, and psychologists. It is so tragically ironic that the very same schools which have ousted God and prayer from the public institutions, are the very same which suffer the consequences of the conscienceless youth, who have been promoted by the socialized, secularized, liberal Left. The Left has convinced us that fathers are not needed as family participants, as custody is usually granted to the divorcing mother who is the court preferred provider and role model - even for boys. So, how's that been working out, Great Society?

After all, the Dems just publicly booed God, for whatever reason,  not understanding that the first line of prevention or inhibiting of  crime (sins), is the conscience, as directed by the God of our fathers.Thou Shalt Not Kill.

Its not just Christmas that has been more under attack by the libs, its the entirety of Christianity, including the injunction Not To Kill, or Not To Commit Adultery,  which have been  savaged by the socialists, who prefer man's remedies to God's. If life means so little to our brilliant academicians like Princeton's  ethics prof, Peter Singer, who not only believes that pre birth abortion should be encouraged, but that post birth "aborting" of troublesome living children could be ethical, how easy it is for this sort of morality to trickle down from the bloody ivory towers of our higher learning institutions - into the psyches of our  conscienceless youth?

I have been hearing on the cable news rubber chicken circuit that no other countries have this sort of problem - serial massacres at such a high rate as in the United States. I have to remind them that Islam  is way ahead of the United States in its demolition of school children, and Mexican massacres are more horrific - although those mass killings are aimed more at adults. Europe and Canada are more homogeneous,  so that non-differing cultures are more likely to get along with one another (as opposed to needing to kill each other), as opposed to the myriad of American cultures which are not quite melding as diversity engineers predicted. And, if you compared the millions of Europeans who "saved up," and went to war against other Europeans - twice in two world wars in the last century - the Europeans could be seen as more savage toward one another when compared to the U.S.. Taking guns from Americans will not make us more like Europe or Canada. We are too much different from them, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better.

We do not have to wait for a Zombie Apocalypse, our society has eclipsed into one.