Thursday, March 21, 2013

Repubs Can Win If Obama=Clinton=Carter=LBJ

Since Hispanics,as well as most Democrats, are for big government and big liberal media, Republicans can only regain the Presidency by waiting for President Barack Hussein Obama's mistakes to become as conspicuous as his Democrat presidential predecessors. President Obama has made too many mortal mistakes to mention, so far, but the Dems have hidden his disastrous decisions better than FDR's legs, Clinton's Lewinsky affair, and Jimmy Carter's high inflation.

A recent survey, as mentioned by Rush Limbaugh, shows that American Hispanics desire big government, so that plants them firmly in the Democrat camp, although  Hispanic Americans escaped from a big government and crony capitalist coutnry - Mexico.

"Those Old Crusty Republicans Need To Reach Out" is the buzz phrase that jumped out at CPAC, as well as the lib media, as of late.  The translation is, Republicans must spend more than Dems by offering more  gifts, more benefits,more welfare, more giveaways to illegal aliens, and other prizes to those voters who have exchanged their integrity for government bennies, and elected officials who have exchanged their integrity for votes by lying about how much they will reward their constituents with money that will not be there. All this amounts  to tremendous debt and liabilities - as a result of over promising. Republicans are a bit shy about doing this, and Tea Partiers entirely condemn the practice. More conventional Repubs are going to have a difficult if not impossible  time of convincing the rest of us to "Reach Out More" with fistfuls of dollars to offer all those Mo Money Dem voters, who have too comfortably suckled at the belly of Big Government for far too long.

President Richard Nixon could only have gained the Presidency had LBJ performed so disastrously (Vietnam War/War on Poverty), which he did. Jimmy Carter's economic policies caused interest rates to sky rocket, which, in part, opened the door for a Ronald Reagan. Republicans lost conservative voters (I was almost one of them) to Ross Perot, the "Hand Grendade With A Haricut," according to Rush, which ushered in the likes of the floating-convictions of a Bill Clinton, who, at least,  did cooperate with a Republican Congress.

It is much harder now when the mainstream media is drowning in the tank for President Obama, and refuse to criticize him, or Mr. Malaprop Joe Biden, for so many of their calamitous actions and misstatements. Notwithstanding, President Obama's Obamacare, his directionless foreign policy, his walking softly with a toothpick, his  historic expenditures and debt, and his unprecedented  conscienceless prevarications will find him out, but will it be before 2014 - an election year?

Even with Obama's heavy, heavy support from school teachers, government employees, trade unions, minorities  young women, Hispanics, newspapers, TV programs, Hollywood,  unwed mothers, who are obviously not using their lifetime supply of abortion prescriptions, Jon Stewart and David Letterman, his blunders will be far too onerous to ignore. I am not praying for that, but  it will some day happen.