Friday, April 16, 2010

Iceland's Volcanic Heat Within Earth Melting Glacier. What Say You Al Gore?

Fire-Earth [From Feww]
New volcanic eruption at Eyjafjallajökull melts Gígjökull glacial tongue, causing extensive flooding in Markarfljót river, south of Iceland
Eruption at Eyjafjöll is consistent with recent global patterns of volcanism and tectonism. Wild eruptions may occur in Iceland and elsewhere—Fire-Earth [March 22]
Eyjafjallajökull erupts, causing extensive flooding.
Geologists who flew over Eyjafjallajökull glacier said a deep fault trough has occurred around the crater below the summit of the glacier.

The gap measures about 500 meters, a report said. However, the geologists were unable to detect any vents or signs of eruption due to the cloud cover.
The eruption which occurred in the top crater, buried about 200m beneath the ice, ejected a large plume of volcanic ash that reached a height of about 6,700m (22,000 feet) and there was ash fall to the east of Fimmvörduháls.
The glacial river has flooded at a rate of about 1,000 cubic meters per second, a report said.

About the Gakkel Ridge in the Arctic from The Fiery Face Of The Arctic Deep
Hydrothermal hot springs on the seafloor were also far more abundant than predicted. "We expected this to be a hydrothermally dead ridge, and almost every time our water measurement instrument came up, they showed evidence of hydrothermal activity, and once we even 'saw' an active hot spring on the sea floor," noted Jonathan Snow. The biologists on the expedition theorize that Arctic hydrothermal vent communities have been cut off from the rest of the worlds oceans for long periods of time, and may have conserved archaic forms.The central region without magmatic activity is unique in the worlds mid-ocean ridges, having no volcanic crust whatsoever. Here, scientists can directly sample rocks belonging to the Earths upper mantle, which is covered on every other part of the globe by thousands of meters of crustal rocks. Some of these mantle rocks were unusually well preserved, "I just about fell off my chair the first time I saw them in the microscope," says Jonathan Snow, "some of these samples looked just as if they had been brought right from the upper mantle by magic, not even a trace of alteration by seawater."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

National Public Radio Commenters Blame God For Miraculous Finding Of Lost Florida Girl

One more reason that National Public Radio should not be Fed Funded, is that they have the most incredibly low ratings in conjunction with the most incredibly bitter, sour, hopeless, and liberal hosts and listeners.

Case in point: Most everybody (except NPR listeners) have marvelled at the miraculous finding of the Winter Springs, Fla. girl, Nadia Bloom, who was discovered by a fellow church member who reportedly was awakened by God at night and "told" to go back into the gator infested swamps to retrieve the fortunate/unfortunate girl who had been lost for days.

From the NPR site, I found the following comments (there were none that were positive) which were quite critical of the miracle. Here's just a sampling from NPR blog/comments, and expect to see the same on ABC's,NBC's,CNN's, and, of course, MSNBC's sites:

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Pat S (pds51) wrote:
First let me say it's wonderful he found the little girl, citing God's help or not. Great news! But, it always amazes me when people who give credit to God for helping them do something amazing (find a lost little girl in a freakin swamp by themselves) don't consider giving God credit when horrible things happen (like NOT finding all the other missing/abducted children who end up raped and murdered). If one approached the question with an open mind its quite obvious that either 1. God likes to harm little children b/c the number of children who are never found or turn up dead far outweighs the happy alternative OR 2. God has nothing to do with this (pssst... b/c he's not real).

sdfhg sdfsd (jhnkjn) wrote: [Even NPR had to delete some of their own blogger's "G-D America" comments.]
This comment has been reported as inappropriate by the NPR community.
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 10:48:19 AM
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lyle buettner (taoist) wrote:
What were you smoking just before "God" spoke to you?
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 10:34:31 AM
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Jacob Singer (bzladder) wrote:
So let me understand this clearly. God actually told Mr. King where Nadia was. Are we sure that God wasn't, say, reminding Mr. King where he had stashed her in the first place?
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 10:32:00 AM
[There were many more like this, but why read too much of their depressing talk?]

What bitter, bitter people, those libs. Happy Tea Party Days!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Big O (Oprah) Going Down?

Not that I rejoice in her calamity, but its nice to see that some truth is coming out about the Big O concerning some of her fabrications re: alleged molestations, roaches as pets, and other nonexistent proofs of poverty she experienced as a child.

Kitty Kelly is no saint but she did 850 interviews and watched thousands of hours of O films, TV shows etc. The Color Purple as well as Roots were based on falsitudes as they would say in the inner city.

I saw a generation of white and black women with nothing better to do than stand up in O's audience and testify how much they "love the new Oprah pajamas with the little kittens on them." It was so cultish.

My favorite Oprah line: "Men come and go, but we will always have girlfriends."
O's fake dad will have nothing to do with her, and her real Dad has yet to be revealed. Her mother was not allowed to have O's phone number. "When the salt loses its savor .. . trod down upon by the world."

I am not happy to see Big O go down, but I am happy to see the myth explode. Neither Letterman, Whoopi, Ba Ba Walters, Charlie Rose, or Dianne Sawyer who was given a toe ring by Oprah and allegedly had an affair with, will interview Ms Kelly who has never been successfully sued for making falsitudes.

All part of our nation's Christian based policy of offering Racial Sympathy in overbundance. Affirmative Action really took advantage of this so much so that they accuse us of being racist no matter how much we give them and promote their TV shows. Remember Rosie O'Donnell, billed by the Reality Impaired Media (RIM) as being the "Queen Of Nice." Ellen DeGeneres is next.

Still yet, its hard to pick the real truth-teller between Kitty Kelly and Oprah.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What The First Easter Sunrise Service May Have Looked Like

2000 Years Ago Jesus Was Loved And Hated By His Fellow Jews And Romans. Who Is Attacking Him Today?

Saturday, April 03, 2010

President Obama Denies White Roots. Fine Him $500 For Falsifying Census?

Census Form Ultimate Race Card?
It is getting increasingly harder to be Color Blind.

According to Mark Levin, maybe President should be fined about $500 for falsely listing his race on the Census as "Black/African American/Negro," when in fact Obama's grandparents were Irish, which would obligate him to check both the Black, White or Other boxes in the questionnaire. Honestly, he is no more "purely" Black/AfroAmerican/Negro than Halle Berry.

Whatever, I don't think it could pass the requested Martin Luther King's Color- Blind Test.

Since when can you pick your Race? I know the public schools are teaching and confusing children that they may arbitrarily choose their sex and gender, but picking your ancestry - before you were born? Since the Interweb makes it so convenient, I had to look up race in Webster's Dictionary and it shows that the word comes from the Italian word razza which means "tribe" or "family" in which you were born.

The President seems to be sending a signal that there may be some shame in either having a mixed racial background (multiracial/mulatto) or that he wants to disassociate from that certain ethnic heritage (white devil?) which Jeremiah Wright preached so vociferously on, and may be ashamed of.

Although Obama did not write so glowingly about his Irish grandparents, who were the last known principals to actually care for him in his childhood, he has so bragged on the faux fathers that he rarely had acquaintance with. Why would Obama disown that part of his heritage unless he was (a) An angry black boy due to trauma caused by his white mother, (b) Cocaine, (c) He admits in his book that his Grandmother was afraid of Black men, (d) Liberal Hawaiians, and his mother's encounters with pseudo father-figures launched him into a depression and rebellion against whites, or, (e) maybe he found out very early that blackness meant Affirmative Action promotions, and ingratiating favoritism from liberal Academia, Hollywood, as well as the Press.

Here is an excellent story where President Obama inspired a Biracial family during the election. Obama Evokes Biracial Pride

Excerpt: "For the parents of multiracial children, the rise of Obama has been a vindication of sorts, a presidential rebuttal to a society that has not always been kind to their offspring, labeling them "half breeds," "tragic mulattoes," "mutts" and "mixed nuts," according to Susan Graham. . .