Friday, October 24, 2008

Share The Wealth Plan Of Huey Long - Obama's Prototype

Long before Obama in the 1930's a populist Governor and Senator of Lousiana, Huey Kingfish Long stumped for a "Share Our Wealth" program which resulted in Louisiana becoming one of the poorest states in these United States.

Some of Huey's class envying, populist notions were:

"Number one, we propose that every family in America should at least own a homestead equal in value to not less than one third the average family wealth. The average family wealth of America, at normal values, is approximately $16,000. So our first proposition means that every family will have a home and the comforts of a home up to a value of not less than around $5,000 or a little more than that."

"Number two, we propose that no family shall own more than three hundred times the average family wealth, which means that no family shall possess more than a wealth of approximately $5 million—none to own less than $5,000, none to own more than $5 million. We think that’s too much to allow them to own, but at least it’s extremely conservative."

"Number three, we propose that every family shall have an income equal to at least one third of the average family income in America. If all were allowed to work, there’d be an income of from $5,000 to $10,000 per family. We propose that one third would be the minimum. We propose that no family will have an earning of less than around $2,000 to $2,500 and that none will have more than three hundred times the average less the ordinary income taxes, which means that a million dollars would be the limit on the highest income."

Huey almost makes Obama look like a capitalist, except we do not know how burdensome Obama's fiscal plans will be, as he cannot utter a word or a phrase that will not be self-contradicted at some time in the future. His socialist/communist allies will easily persuade this most naive and inexperienced man.

Huey wanted to make "Every Man A King," in his own words, except he wanted to do so by taking money away from industrialists who were excessively wealthy kings, according to Long. He was a dictator.

Long used "talk radio" very successfully it has been said and to rile up and unite up workers of the world to get on his bandwagon. He was one of the top talkers of his era, second only to FDR. Huey Long was such a commie that he criticised FDR for "not doing enough for the poor," IOW FDR did not confiscate enough wealth from the rich! Senator Bingaman, would you have imposed a Fairness Doctrine on Huey?

I once read that Huey Long admitted to himself that, after he had promised the big cash giveaways of at least $5000.00 to every family, more and more Louisianans refused to seek employment as they waited on the Kingfish's big bonus coming their way. Obama's plan of giving tax cuts to people who do not pay taxes is along the same line: Obama's disciples are counting on Uncle Sam rewarding them by punishing the rich. They all believe that they will get OP (other people's) money to live on, or at least make their life more comfortable. Its to easy for a hustler like Obama to promise the masses money or health care which will never be available according to the desires of the masses.

The Kingfish was also responsible for too-cheap oil leases for his own and other oil companies. This bad deal has effected the state economy for all of these years. And, oh yeah, Huey also managed to acquire a million or so acres for his own oil company, Win or Lose.

"Louisiana officials were happy to oblige. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, the state and local levee districts leased millions of acres to oil interests through corrupt schemes involving Huey Long, his machine cronies, and other local political bosses such as the notorious Plaquemines Parish district attorney, Leander Perez. Long's famous Win or Lose Oil Company earned a
reputation for never losing, as did the many front companies controlled by Perez through friends and families. These companies obtained leases on public lands very cheaply and then subleased them to oil companies, keeping a right to overriding royalties and, it was strongly presumed, collecting political contributions or under-the-table payments.22 Some single leases, many of which ended up being held by Texaco (Gulf Refining, Humble Oil, and Shell Oil were the other major players), covered hundreds of thousands of acres.23 OxfordJournals.Com

Huey Long was assassinated in 1935 as he was running for president against FDR who called him, "One of the most dangerous men in America." Long's legacy includes being impeached and thought of as a dictator for his many public works projects. He micromanaged virtually everything that went on in the state, from deciding who could be admitted to the lawyer Bar, public road and works projects, to fixing assessments. Long's death did not put and end to the Long's family domination over Louisiana, during which time it was a poverty cellar dweller. His brother Earl succeeded him as governor for three terms and his son Russell became a U.S. Senator. It was not until 1987 that a Republican was elected governor, thus relieving LA of some of its dark history.

Barack Kingfish Obama's Share The Wealth will yield the same results.