Friday, July 04, 2008

Congressional Demokrats Should Not Celebrate Independence Day - They Don't Believe In Independence

First the good news: Watch and listen to a beautiful patriotic song written by Iraq Vet Eric Keller dedicated to the the service of our brave veterans. "Patriot"

From the sublime to the pitiful. . . America has never seen in its history such blatant attempts by a political party to undermine and subvert the populace and the military in a time of war.

Soon after the United States stunning and overwhelming ousting of the Saddam regime in Iraq - with Demokrat approval - the partisan expatriates devised innumerable attempts through academia, the media, Hollywood, and the legal profession to quagmirize Iraq, with the hopes of the war ending similar to Vietnam.

Committee after committee after committee scrutinized an imperfect military's nooks, crannies, and cracks with the sole intention of embarrassing America before the world and within its own boundaries.

Such grandstanding was, according to the Demokrats, necessary so we maintain the image of being that "Light On A Hill," where everything on the battleground, and in detention camps would resemble a pristine Martha Stewart kitchen.

John Murtha D-Pennsylvania accused Marines, long before they were exhonerated, of being "cold blooded killers." Marcy Kaptur D-Ohio compared Osama Bin Laden to American revolutionaries. Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders hoped that "the Muslims win the war." Rich lib boys like Mark Cuban, Michael Moore, and others made propaganda movies that smeared American troops. Demokrat city councils across the country voted antiwar, non-support pronouncements. Oh yeah; they "supported the troops," but cursed their mission. Who can forget Demokrat Senator Dick Durban's comparing the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to victims of Nazis, Soviet gulags and Cambodia's Khmer Rouge?

Demokrats attempted many times to disable U.S. intelligence operations by requiring judicial FISA overview. They objected to interception of possible communications between suspected jihadists at home and abroad. Lib newspapers, especially the New York Slimes and the Washington Compost have been all too willing reveal top secret operations and locations. Abe Lincoln would have jailed these treasonous people in a heartbeat. After two hundred years of warring history, the Krats desperately needed to offer combatants equal rights to United States citizens. Some blood must be on the hands of the Krats in the Supreme Court and Congress which allowed for the early release of captured combatants from Gitmo, so that the ex detainees could fight, wound and kill our brave soldiers another day. No thanks to you, Demokrats!

Waterboarding became more of a capital crime than beheading, no thanks to you Krats!

For the longest time the only words which Ted Kennedy could utter was "quagmire" and "Vietnam."

The Krats are stealing our economic liberty by ignoring the energy needs of Americans, rather favoring the Enviromentally Ill, and their Global Warming Hoax.

No, the Demokrat leadership, especially with Fast Talking Slow Walking Good Looking Mohair Obama at their helm, do not cherish Independence. They only desire freedom loving Americans to yield their religion, their self-respect, their economy and their souls to a Higher Power ie, Demokrats.

They lie, twist, contort, confuse, and pretend to be patrotic (I mean, it did take an entire news cycle to get Obama to wear a flag and learn to place his hand over his heart during the Pledge Of Allegiance)

The left will spit on a soldier, burn the flag, and defame the Commander In Chief and still claim that they are patriots.

I am surprised that Congressional Krats have not apologized to Great Britain for George Washington rebelling against a sovereign nation. What a mess they have made since winning back Congress. And their approval rating of 13% proves it. How sad it is that over 50% of the electorate has been captivated and literally captured by the Demokrat line. They usually blame others for what they do, and they mean the exact opposite of what they say.

I still will celebrate July 4 and thank God for the freedom we have. It may be the last year to enjoy independence from total Demokrat domination. The Krats have been gnawing away at our freedoms quite successfully in the past thirty years - since Vietnam, which provided a stepping stone for them to the abyss, wanting to pull everyone else down, just so they will have company. I am not sorry to make them out to have traits resembling those of the Prince Of Darkness.

Demokrats have spawned public education edukrats who have all but eliminated the great contributions of our Founding Fathers in history classes. In fact, most are apologizing for the immorality and corruption of those evil men. . . like that evil Christopher Columbus, and those evil Puritans at Thanksgiving, and those monstrous, slave owning men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Dead White Men ignored by feminized Public Education.

Stay home Congressional Demokrats on July 4. The rest of us would rather not be reminded of your existence. We will just be enjoying ourselves and waving our flags. And, I know that pains you. Better just stay indoors so you don't have to see it.

*Amerika – suggesting a Russified name for the United States – is an American television miniseries that was broadcast in 1987 on ABC which portrayed a Soviet takeover of America - Wikipedia