Monday, May 19, 2008

Conquering The Language Of Illusion - Obama Is Not Black And Not A Patriot

The Dems in the process of reprocessing American history and culture have hatched so many errant buzz phrases it is hard to keep up with them.

"Black people cannot be racist," has been the theme since I was at university back in the 1970's. After being subjected to such nonsense as well as other contrived liberal philosophies, I left the college forever. "Only white people can be racist," because "they have the power." However, minorities through affirmative action and their own industriousness have acquired power in universities, government, entertainment, sports, business and other realms - and they can hate just as well or better than a white person, as proven so dramatically by Obama's minister, Rev. White. The idea that African Americans cannot be bigoted has been generally accepted as law by Democrats, the authors of Illusive Language.

Obama and his wife have slipped up too many times exposing their contempt for America. They cannot be considered in any way patriotic, unless you would consider Benedict Arnold and the Rosenbergs patriotic.
The great unifier of liberals, Barack, has shown this past weekend that he has more of an internationalist mindset than American. His statement, "We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK," proves that he would rather be subservient to foreign, United Nation and European ideals than American. Patriots do not love other countries more than their own. The United States should not be wasteful and neither should it be socialized/economized down to the level of its critic countries. If we were less prosperous, we could less afford to aid less blessed countries throughout the world.

The Democrat party, as a whole, should be called out for what they are - treasonous and unpatriotic. I am not buying that, "Its American to burn a flag," or "Show your love for the U.S. by spitting on a soldier," or prove your allegiance to the U.S. by bombing the Pentagon and stepping on the flag, as Barack's anarchist associate Bill Ayers has done. Democrat leadership has attempted every conceivable way to undermine American military endeavors since Vietnam. Gitmo, wiretapping international communications between terrorists, giving extra rights to war criminals, thwarting espionage, inhibiting the surge, and defunding the war have been just a few of the common tools used by Dems to deep six the war effort. Barack Hussein Obama can wear an American flag on his underwear all day and night , yet he should never, ever be considered a patriot. I wish the average Dem could see that everything the Dems touch turns to dung. Their energy non-policy is another case in point.

Barack is not a black man. One other example of the Dems Language of Illusion is the presumption that, "If a person has one drop of black blood in them, they are black." No, they are mixed, or mulatto and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Tiger Woods, Halle Barry, Vin Diesel, Mariah Carey, Keanu Reeves, Sean Lennon, are also mixed. How can they presume to choose one parent's race over another's to establish a single racial identity?

I understand that Barack may have had an identity crisis early in life. He had a black father who left him at the age of two with his white mother. Later, Barack lived for 7 years with his white granparents. That's OK, but why did Barack write a book about his African father who he did not know rather than his white grandparents who considerably cared for him, raising him at least in a middle class atmosphere, sending him to excellent schools, and, unfortunately, giving him allowances from which he could buy drugs? From Baracks' comments such as, [his grandmother] "was a typical white woman," it is easy to assume that he has experienced some shame about his whiteness.

Affirmative Action has also made it more lucrative for mixed ancestry people to identify with their blackness, while almost totally denying their whiteness. The egghead liberals, intellectuals, and college students certainly have it ensconced in their minds that blacks and other minorities, such as women, should be given extra, or affirmative, privileges in colleges, government jobs, and businesses which have government contracts. I even believe Barack has adopted his black preacher's speaking cadence so that he may more thoroughly shield his whiteness.

I also believe that Barack's "egghead" audiences have a self righteous pride proven by their loathing traditional American ideals, and loathing their own ancestry. This is also known as reverse discrimination and the egghead Democrat liberals love to expose and accuse others of bias for simply not loving Obama. They are educated and were no doubt commanded to believe this illusive language during their collegiate experience. Just as so much money has been thrown at universities for global warming studies, government has thrown even more money into affirmative action programs ( and Title IX) - especially into universities - thereby causing said schools to veer way left and eventually establish purely lib programs and associations, and hire only lib faculty and board members.

Diversity is one more oxymoronic term that may be found in the Dictionary Of Illusive Language. Diversity has never been the real goal of Affirmative Action, and has never been one of Obama's goals. It should be obvious.