Saturday, May 10, 2008

Democrats Need Recession And 6 Dollar Per Gallon Gas

Having not been able to undermine the Iraq War, the Democrat Party must concentrate on another strategy to win the White House. The Democrats must insure that gasoline will be even more expensive in November, and they must keep whispering "recession," despite not having the economic numbers which indicate a recession.

The Media can very well continue disparaging the American public, thereby forcing consumer confidence lower, even while there is no appreciable inflation.
Recent good economic news must have caused some consternation in the Party of Carter, Dukakis, Clinton, McGovern and Mondale. The Gross Domestic Product, unfortunately for them, did not go negative for two succeeding quarters which would have defined a recession, and jobless claims were way below what were expected in April. Also saddening for them is that the general economic slowdown appears to be waining, and the sub prime mess is being arrested even as "The Great Depression Of 2008," does not seem to be getting a good start. Let's not forget the lib economists who forecasted 2001 as being the greatest slowdown since the Depression and their many NY Times Editorials which predicted "The Great Depression Of 2002, 2003,2004, 200x," etc.

Liberal doomsayers are having a difficult talking down the economy despite the constant barrage of biased-bad economic news from mainstream television, radio, newspapers and academics.

The Dems have been, however, very successful in forcing the cost of energy to rise through the years, and if timed just right, gasoline could approach 6 dollars a gallon by November and would all but insure a Democrat entering the White House in 2009.

The Democrat environmental wing of the party has been very patient in the past thirty years in their assault against energy production by means of making exploring, drilling, and refining domestic oil and natural gas all but impossible. Nuclear power and coal have been blacklisted for a similar amount of time.

They have inhibited the development of home grown energy sources such as nuclear, gas, oil and coal for the sake of "the environment," and more recently, "global warming." They constantly bash big oil and promote inefficient ethanol, while demanding that Bush do something about the price of gasoline. Democrats (and unfortunately too many Republicans) have fallen for the global warming hysteria which is just one more Democrat nail in America's coffin.

At one time, Democrats were very shy, believe it or not, to threaten higher taxes - if a Dem be elected. Nowadays, people like Obama and Hillary are promising a hike in taxes (not including Hillary's confiscation of Big Oil profits) as if it is a reward to low income earners, who already pay very little or no federal income tax. And for what reason would we want higher income earners/job-makers to pay over 60% top marginal tax rate ?
Obama, having no rhyme or reason, for demanding such burdensome taxation, has given his deepest intellectual reasoning for higher than high taxes - "Its fair."

Even Bill Clinton had the good Democrat Party sense to promise that he would not raise taxes in 1992 while campaigning. He, of course, was found not be telling the truth and bragged after his election that his tax increase would be the highest in history. A Republican congress soon put the kibosh on Bill's taxation plan, but there may be no opportunity in 2009 to cut Obama's or Hillary's tax increases if the Republican Senate and House remain a minority.