Sunday, January 13, 2008

Barack Vs. Hillary: Battle Of The Affirmative Action Candidates

A False Balance Is An Abomination To The Lord

No other Presidential election in U.S. history has presented us with two primary contenders who have been promoted throughout their lives with the full force and credit of the United States government and the myriad of affirmative action and civil rights laws that have pervaded this country since the 1960's.

I was raised a liberal Catholic and was taught to respect all races, and my father, especially, would give us the belt if we exhibited any sort of racism or disrespect to immigrants. I can clearly remember when I was five years old shouting from a house porch, "Look at that chocolate milkman," referring to a neighborhood black man. I got the belt and a stern warning that I never forgot. I loved soul music and had many black friends in high school and the Marine Corps. I was with "the movement," which rallied for minority rights. In the Marine Corps, I believed as the drill instructor taught us at Parris Island, that All Marines Are Green i.e.. Marine Corps green. I worked with the Civil Rights Commission to oust a prejudiced employment agency - that I worked for - because it did not act fairly toward black applicants. I still am an active supporter and admirer of many black candidates and intellectuals including Alan Keyes, Ken Blackwell, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Jesse Lee Peterson and others. I empathized with the blacks who were hosed down, threatened by dogs, denied integrated schooling, and marched with Martin Luther King.

The above scenario was all before Affirmative Action, or AA, and Civil Rights became a multi-billion dollar business which has unfairly denied or hindered many qualified people of all races and genders the ability to work in government and government related jobs, study in universities, as well as be employed at politically correct places of employment, such as the media, liberal churches, Hollywood, newspapers, et al. There is no level or branch of government which does not promote unequal diversity at the expense of taxpayers and efficiency. The same goes for quasi government private companies and any entity - including universities - which have contracted, associations with the government. In many cities where crime has risen, for instance, the police department may be hampered by Affirmative Action not for being undermanned, but just overwomanned as demanded by Civil Rights and EEOC laws. I am not prejudiced. I am postjudiced. I have seen it all.

The United States government, primarily with the help of LBJ , has promoted inequality in the name of equality by boosting unqualified individuals simply because of their race and gender, and even religion as we can now see how Islamo-Americans are allowed to recite their prayers and ceremonies in public schools, demand foot washing facilities in city fire department stations, and are routinely protected from bad publicity in the liberal press - and protected from being labeled terrorists. AA Civil Rights liberals have been stumping for illegal immigrants demanding that they be given so many educational, voting, driving, medical and welfare benefits - even as they are not citizens! Affirmative Action laws and phony civil rights claims is the honey in the Democrat party that attracts everyone who does not appreciate historic American culture. I do not say there has been no need for Civil Rights, per se. There has been no need for Jesse Jackson's and Al Sharpton's brand of PC civil rights overkill.

For years, special points and preferences have been given to women and blacks for just being that - female and African American. It is not hard to venture to say that young American girls have been given increased opportunities to enter college, as the majority of grants and loans are now given to women so that they may study to enter, usually, some bloated social service agency or public school teaching position. In addition, they have been given the 'privilege' of bearing babies out of wedlock and then provided government care because of Affirmative Action which, of course, has promoted women to the point where they are treated better in divorce and custody cases - so that they may be restored rights which were taken away by male chauvinist pigs who hobbled them (LBJ's wording) throughout American history. The same applies to racial minorities. Affirmative Action, has rescued women from their barefoot and pregnant role of being mere chattel, and encouraged them to breakaway from marriage, hate bearing children, and compete with men in every way imaginable. As I now hear of the female Marine Lance Corporal who has been supposedly raped, killed and burned, while pregnant, I have to ask why has Feminism forced the military to admit so many women into a domain that has been world historically occupied by men for the sole reason of being more effective in war? A very high percentage of military women, either on deployment, or on stateside duty are getting pregnant unintentionally, thus straining morale and costing the military many extra millions of dollars to either be supported or replaced in the ranks. I am, however, thankful for all active duty personnel now serving in Iraq, but I hope, after this war, the military returns to sounder policy which does not encourage so much fraterization between sexes.Thank you, Patsy Schroeder and other feminazis who opened the door for the modern woman's destruction.

Know of a Civil Service job where unqualified men or women have been given special preferences because their ability to be competitive has been "hobbled by white men?" Democrat voters in New Hampshire were beside themselves in trying to decide how to appear less racist or gender biased when confronted with the option of voting for either Hillary or Obama.

Dumb white people shrink at the thought of being thought of as racist and so do not question the AA and Civil Rights psychobabble which predominates over American culture. If this social engineering does not defeat the economic, social and political efficacy of the U.S. in the world, as a competitor, nothing else will. Our country is dimishing as the birth rated diminshes. There could have been many grandchildren born as natural U.S. citizens by now if abortion had not been so well promoted by the Feminazis as fueled by Affirmative Action and Civil Rights policies. Two generations of hopelessly dependent welfare recipients and minorities in general believe that "the man" owes him whatever the man owns.This attitude has led to crimes committed by urbanites who are hopeless - according to what they have been taught in church and in the hood - since the man "has hobbled" him ever since slavery has ended. There is no thankfulness; thank the social engineering of the Democrats. The soft bigotry committed by white liberals and the black elite must end. They will not, however, even allow an impoverished black child to enroll in a non public school which is much safer and better disciplined.

Had it not been for AA, Hillary Clinton's Wellesly College would have not become the man-hating university it has. Without Hillary there would have not been such a rabid ACLU which Hillary rallied with at Yale to "protect" the rights of the murderous Black Panthers in the 1960's. I do pray that Evita Clinton's reign - launched and sustained by marriage to a MAN named Bill - will end this year. She was a nice Goldwater Republican until her liberal Methodist church decided to side with the North Vietnamese Communists. Her infamous man-hating private college and former seminary, Wellesly, taught her that the world belonged to women. Hillary learned at the poison Ivy League college Yale that Communism and Feminism was a nice mix. Hillary's Marxist instructors inspired her to later work for the ACLU and an overt communist law firm in California. It was all downhill from there. Womananity, as Al Bundy would say, was Progressing nicely and the Progressive movement was getting aid and comfort from the Fed government's Civil Rights Commission and other Affirmative Action programs such as Title IX programs that are expensive and unnecessary. Hillary has promoted children's rights so much that kids can now feel free in reporting their parents to Big Brother, and Hillary's gang has made child care available to unwed mothers' babies starting as low as two months of age. Girls under 12 may be given birth control pills via their public school - dominated by big lib female teachers and administrators. The libs also "liberated" people from sexual prudence as Bill Clinton, aging hippy, can testify.

Hillary Clinton's assertive, obstinate behavior has taught women everywhere (well, maybe just aging Democrat women) that they can also enjoy marriage and children without a husband in the house. She has persuaded so many women and men that all a child needs is a Collective, err I mean a Village, to raise a child. She has taught the formerly fairer sex that "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better," as Annie Oakley sang. She has instructed Dead White Males and traditional Americans that they have been replaced by pantsuited single women who do not mind killing babies via abortion so that their careers not be hindered, or hobbled.

Similarly, Barack Obomba has exploded on the scene like out of a Fairy Tale (excuse me, Al Sharpton) which could only be told out of the Affirmative Action playbook.Yes, Barak is a very likable guy - at least, much more than Hillary - and, I can see and sympathize with the hardship that he has experienced. A man does not choose his parents, but Barak could have spoken and legislated more promoting such family values like "to death do us part," in marriage, and the harm which promiscuous sexual relationships can do to unwanted offspring, like himself. Barack was born to a mother, God rest her soul, who was too anxious to get married to a foreign grad student who left her and Barack when he was a mere two years of age. I would call that a bad start in life, although very typical for many abbreviated families in America today. Barack, after being passed around like a bag of Cheetos overseas, was sent back to Hawaii to live with his white grandparents so that he might live in a better environment and become enrolled in a very good school.

In Barack's book Dreams Of My Father, he attempts to imagine his father's dreams, although he only saw his father once, at the age of ten. Since the dad left little Obama at the age of two, I would not count that as a formal, conscious meeting. Unfortunately, neither Barack, nor the press mentions the nurturing, sacrifice and care which was provided to him by his modest and white maternal grandparents, the Dunhams. For eight years Barack lived in a Hawaiian two bedroom apartment with his salesman grandpa and grandma. He was sent to a "very good" school - today's tuition is $15,000 - where there was a lot of ethnic diversity. His white grandparents were not wealthy by any means, but they did provide him a comfortable living and possibly unknowingly supplied him with enough moolah to buy the drugs which "helped him push things out of his mind." Little mention or thanks is offered to these loving grandparents because it does not suit the street creds necessary to be a really diverse, politically correct Democrat politician.

I understand that Barack was a good basketball player but that he would pop off frequently to superiors. He was finding his identity as an Angry Black Man. After Occidental College, Columbia (did someone say "Marxist Brainwashing?"), and Harvard where Barack became president of The Harvard Law Review he learned every Marxist trick in the book, and I do believe he did better than "D student John Kerry" at Yale. However, it seems that the more radical a student becomes, the better they are graded at Yale and Harvard. Looking at some of the more recent college departments, graduates and policies of these and other Poison Ivy League schools could make one retch.

Barack's problem has been, since he was about ten years old, that he is too "ethnically active" for his own race, yet has consciously voided his own Caucasionness. This has been confirmed by Barack himself. Barak seems to have had a grudge against his mother for taking up with his African father for the wrong reasons.She may have married his dad for his blackness, and not his intellectuality. His mother often quipped how "Harry Bellafonte was the most handsome man in the world." This bothered Barack. I must say, that Barack may have resolved the issues, but they must have been deeply ingrained for much of his life. Barack has written that after a black panhandler harassed his grandmother at a bus stop in Hawaii, he was mad at his grandma for not wanting to take the bus again. Obama admired Malcolm X and somewhat less, the communist sympathizing Martin Luther King. (Martin started out well, but sold out to left and their demand for a loss in Vietnam). Obama's now infamous Trinity United Church Of Christ In Chicago is a self proclaimed "Black Pride" church which teaches the Black Value System. Not the Christ Value System. Obama's tenure in the Illinois and United States Senate has not been much of a challenge as all his constituents and promoters have been like-minded. And by like-minded, I mean racially centric minded. I can see nothing in his history which distinquished him as being a messianic uniter of the races, but quite the opposite. I know he will fool the easily foolable Dems, but just how many is the question. I still like him more than Hillary.

Barack has ridden the civil rights train for so long, can he possibly see that his personal mission to establish affirmative action in the streets of Chicago, and in the halls of Columbia and Harvard, and in the legislative corridors of Illinois and the United States Senate may have caused a personal mental distortion and bias against non-blacks who can never do enough to satisfy the always-offended African Americans? Is there not a touch of bigotry in Barack's soul which began so many years ago because of an inconvenient marriage?There may not be, but Barack's own history, especially as a politico, has shown that he is a product of Civil Rights overkill and the bias, bigotry and prejudice which has accompanied the Progressive Movement and Affirmative Action for the last fory years.
[For a good overview of Obama's Identity Crisis see by Steve Sailer in The American Conservative.]