Thursday, November 22, 2007

Proclamation Of National Day Of Mourning For Seattle Washington

It may now be proclaimed that every Third Thursday of November may now and forever be a day of national sorrow and mourning for the once great pre-Bill Gates city of Seattle, Washington. Here are just a few of the reasons why Seattle has been selected.

Seattle public schools want a side of political correctness served on your Thanksgiving table. Washington state's largest school district sent letters to teachers and other employees suggesting Thanksgiving should be "a time of mourning" for its Native American students. The memo, from Caprice Hollins, the district's director of Equity, Race & Learning Support, included an attachment to a paper titled "Deconstructing the Myths of 'The First Thanksgiving.'"It includes 11 "myths" disputing everything from what was served at the first Thanksgiving (no mashed potatoes or cranberries) and who provided the food to the nature of the Pilgrims themselves: Myth No. 3 calls the colonists "rigid fundamentalists" who came to the New World "fully intending to take the land away from its native inhabitants." FoxNews.Com

This is not the only reason to wail and gnash teeth over Seattle. Washington State Senator "Baghdad"Jim McDermott has also caused undeniable suffering and pain to the American people,especially our own United States military in a time of war. Mcdermott is one of the most pronounced anti-winning-the-war Democrats and has led his state to become one of the most left leaning.

BG (Before Gates) Seattle was an unassuming frontier city inhabited by nice folks. Despite some good that Bill Gates has done by blessing us with Windows (not Vista), charitable donations to the third world, and throwing tons of money at public schools to play and experiment with, Mr. Gates dragged soulless geeks into the Seattle area who, despite their intelligence, were very retarded in the knowledge of more heavenly things- like good old godly conservatism.. Seattle has since become one of the most liberal cities in the United States and is proud of it. Lots of money, no soul. It is very possible that famed grunger Curt Cobain was musically expressing the angst of someone growing up in a community which was fast becoming as lifeless as an Operating System or as reprobate as San Francisco.

What else is Bill Gates doing with his money beside investing in Grand Abortioner Planned Parenthood? According to this, Mr. Gates is now donating millions to a gay dating service Gay.Com

There are so many reasons to mourn and pray for Seattle and Dorothy Parvaz, an editor and columnist for the Seattle Post Intelligence (they once had some intelligence, I have heard), is just another reason to weep over the city. From Newsbuster.Org Tod Huston:

"Dorothy Parvaz, a columnist, blogger and member of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial board, posted a short P-I blog post in which she sympathetically says she understands how someone would want to burn a church down because it is "an oppressive institution." And she isn't just shrugging her shoulders over the threatened arson of a church, but the planned arson of San Francisco's Grace Cathedral, a landmark building on Nob Hill. Is there a little hatemongering going on against religion in the Post-Intelligencer? Sure seems so.

We've met Miss Parvaz here on Newsbusters before, the last time when she said that GOP voters were "White, male, middle-aged and slightly stupid," and intimated that terrorism was nothing to worry about by calling the WOT "Bush's asinine 'war on terror.'" Well, this time she is ready to "understand" the burning of churches in a blog post about the arrest of a mentally suspect man named Paul Addis who was the goof responsible for the too early torching The Man figure at the last pot-head festival Burning Man 2007. This time, though, he meant to burn down the famous Frisco Cathedral."

So, let it hereby be proclaimed that every Third Thursday Of Every November be remembered with sadness and travail for the once great city of Seattle. Anyone celebrating this occasion may display the following photo of the guru who launched Seattle from nothingness to somethingness, sans a soul.


A good look at Seattle AG (After Gates) history: