Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nooses In The News: Marine Fired By Lib College Newspaper After 3 Tours In Iraq

Marine Gabriel Keith Fired By Minnesota Community And Technical College Newspaper After Making Noose Which In No Way Could Be Understood To Be Racist. Fax the Student College News at 1-612-659-6825.

Squads Of "Noose Nosers" Crawling Over Most College Campuses.
Story Is Here:

Below Fax Sent To Disinterested Parties At MCTC and Student Newspaper

Racism Under Every Rock, A Noose On Every Limb

Could you please explain to me how much longer you can continue to be such patsies for these pseudo victim complaints? Whenever an unprivileged minority tells you to jump, you instinctively ask, "how high"? and then proceed to grovel and twist until you look so foolish, that normal (nonacademics and nonjournalists ) people would feel quite ashamed for such cowering, cowardice, and lack of conscience.

Looking for nooses and homosexual haters has become the number one field of study in your diversity-less university as well as the media. You so easily discount the sensibilities of conservatives and Christians, as if we are so polite that we would never be as great a threat as the pseudo victims who cry rape and racism like they did at Duke University. Have you learned nothing from that incident? It is so easy now to discriminate against WASPS who actually pay a large part of your salary and other university expenses. The last I checked, white folks also buy and read newspapers. Your prejudice against us has evolved from the ridiculous to the bizarre.

The entire concept that white people cannot suffer discrimination since they, only, have the power and are extra privileged is hogwash. Your antidiversity diversity philosophy has greatly offended all of middle class America which has seen black people enjoy more power in government, politics, and business than ever before. Many cities such as my own have a plethora of black government officials, newspaper editors/columnists, teachers, etc. so how could it possibly be thought that they have "no power?" There are so many extra liberties and concessions offered to minorities that they are, indeed, more privileged on campus, and are using this liberal ordained power to exacerbate racial divisions. Our city public school system, for instance, throws over $15,000 toward inner city students who perform very poorly, don't show up for school, or when they do attend class, it is nothing but pandemonium. How could it not be considered privilege or power to aquire so much money for these students ($5,000 more than other students) who fight, sleep, and have sex in the classroom? My city, composed of an all Democrat administration and council, refuses to take action against the 40 gangs (black) which virtually have gripped the city in fear. Am I stereotyping? Absolutely. I am sick of hearing for years that "the white man enslaved us," and "the man won't give us jobs," so that, "we have to deal drugs and steal." They have no other choice because of white privilege, they say.

The universities and media must be consciously aware that many more crimes are perpetrated against whites by blacks than white against black, so who is really committing the hate crimes? The best I can say about your overt prejudice and assault on nonminorities is that many nonminority Democrats are backing off from you people who have become their natural enemies.

Listening to black bigots like Al Sharpton and these hateful, unmerciful black campus groups has become more than tiresome. They have milked this white cow for all its worth, and I am hearing that middle America has lost its patience with these shakedown artists. I suggest they find a new hobby. We are not listening any more.

The Duke nonrape case and the Jena Six boys rewarded for beating a white boy unconscious, not to mention the urban terrorists that have taken over the streets of my own city of Akron, Ohio, has tilted public sympathy against these thugs - on campus and off.

University administrations have been willing accomplices to this conservative over-kill and their budgets need to be cut. Thank God, the pony-tailed Marxist professors of the sixties are retiring or dying off. Only then can there be a revival of a more equitable liberal arts teaching philosophy and administration which will not yield to every faked "racial" incident.