Monday, April 23, 2007

A Short Profile Of Killers Cho, Klebold And Harris

No one circumstance or association caused the killers to kill, but there are some very interesting correlations:

Cho, Klebold, and Harris were semi-raised by two parents, both of which may have been "workaholics." With the mothers also out of the household, there was less time in the day to observe the children. Cho, according to reports, had little parental supervision. Looking back at Klebold and Harris, its unbelievable to me, a baby boomer, to understand how they were able to plan their suicide mission, buy guns, author violent websites, etc. - without detection.

CKH were not offered extensive fundamental Christian instruction. At best, they had a very casual or nonexistent association with religion. Klebold was a product of a Jewish mother and Christian father - Lutheran. His dominant religious instruction came from the liberal wing of Lutheranism peppered with liberal Judaism. Although Koreans are generally fundamentalists, the Cho parents had higher earthly expectations such as doting over their daughter who went to both Harvard and Princeton. They were not regular church attendees. CHK were very confused about religion: Klebold and Harris idolized Marilyn Manson as a Hitler-Antichrist, while Cho mixed elements of Islam - "Ismail Ax" with thoughts of being crucified like Christ.

CHK were all advanced students and exhibited characteristics of extreme arrogance and pride which no doubt contributed to their paranoid schizophrenia.

CHK recorded their mania in diaries, video, school papers, journals, and their computers were replete with detailed evidence of their mania. Again, parents were unaware of what their children were doing on computers.

CHK's reaction to women in general is that they were "stuck up bitches" as proven by the targeting of particular women during the rampages.

CJK were "oddballs" and they all complained about being picked on and looked at as oddballs.

Cho was inspired by Klebold and Harris and referred to them as being "martyrs."

CHK were all educated in very liberal, outcomes education atmospheres. Columbine was one of the original relativist outcome based education schools which had no power to discipline "crazies" who wore black trenchcoats or authored violent prose and websites. Columbine's Harris, and Cho, were both known for their violent writings, but for fear of the ACLU and civil libertarians, little interest was taken by school officials. Most American colleges, including VT, are destined to continue non-discrimination policies which practically means that all aberrant behavior is condoned, but conservatives are targeted as troublemakers.

CHK were inadequately examined and treated by mental health professionals.