Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fax To Companies Converting G.I. Joe To Globaloney Joe (Hasbro And Paramount Pictures)

Dear President Alfred J. Verrecchia (Fax 1-401-727-5544 of Hasbro and President Brad Grey (Fax 1-323-862-1381) of Paramont Pictures;

I am very sorry to hear that Hasbro and Paramount pictures have decided to de-Americanize GI Joe. I am a disabled from Vietnam, Retired Marine and have seen the effects from this sort of America-hate emanating from companies such as Hasbro and Paramount.

It appears that "Globalist Joe," Hasbro, and Paramount will have a new enemy other than the fabled cartoon nemesis, "Cobra," and that will be us - the American Public.

We will not stand for this unpatriotic bulldozing of our culture and will impress others to avoid your products like the plague - which they are.
Please, look at how the movie "Lions For Lambs" is doing." Robert Redford Tom Cruise. Not people known to be great patriots, but rather self-absorbed liberals who lost their ability to entertain but have become great at propagandizing against U.S. interests.

I hope that Hasbro and Paramount will ditch this bad idea of internationalizing G.I. Joe - an American icon which has inspired many a child.

If you are ashamed of America and the American soldier, we will be ashamed of you.