Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Al Gore Forced To Repenteth Of His Beguiling Ways

For the most execrable behavior of bewythching the general public and causing panics and expenses to citizenry, and for making pretense beyond that which Satan the devil could ever conjure, we goode people of this land must cause thee above sons of belial to repenteth of their neer-do-welling through the appropriate punishments affordeth us by Divine direction.

Sir James Hansen of NASA, Madame Heidi Cullen of the Weather Channel and Sir Albert Gore with the accompaniment of their false so-called sciences have been leading the disgusting practice of imagineering apocalyptic consequences, and so profiting thereby, despite the objections of many calmer ladies and gentlemen in the community.

We will give the above laudations for their encouragement to save the ethers (energy), however, they must atone for their overindulgence into the speculations falsely warning of global flooding, the demise of polar bears, the hyper warming of the planet (less than 1 degree in 100 years), the Carbon Credit scam, and other products of their deluding science.

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