Monday, December 10, 2007

Why I Cannot Vote For A Woman To Be Commander In Chief. Hillary Just Does Not Stack Up


"Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of all that has gone wrong (left) with American society since the 1960's." JC

After listening to so many in Hillary's camp complain that she is "being ganged-up on," by men, playing the victim card, and hearing from many women that they would not vote for a woman president, I have also decided that I will not vote for a woman president. How in God's name did we ever get to the place where a Nancy Pelosi, a Barbara Boxer, a Dianne Feinstein, etc rise to power with such limited ability? I could ask the same about most male Democrats, but that is for another time. The social upheaval of the 1960's has launched the most unqualified of people into high positions in academia, politics, law, and even science, because liberalism in its haste to disestablishmentize, has begotten a far worse establishment based on giving a boost to the most rebellious and most unqualified.

The charade must end. I don't care how Affirmative Action has mandated that the ladies are fully capable of doing all the jobs men have traditionally done. I am not concerned that I may be called a chauvinist for believing that firemen are more suited for fires than firewomen. I am not affected by Federal Title IX which demands that college women - at great expense to students and taxpayers - commands that universities invent women's hockey teams for "fairness" sake.

Federal legislation has undermanned and overwomanned police departments, universities, businesses and companies with federal contracts and has virtually given boosts to women in every social, political, and economic field under the sun. Why? Because the minority majority of women have been suppressed and oppressed for many centuries by societies that mistakenly thought that the female would be better off nurturing children ( Britney Spears excepted) and could better "guide the home" and be more of an aid than adversary to her husband.

Since the libs have made motherhood a shameful occupation, we have two generations of adults and children who are prime pluckings for a communist (Democrat) socialist authoritarianism which is contrary to all that has traditionally been called good. I heard an author on Bob Brinker's radio program last night say, in effect, that women in business would be better off if they are not known as "breeders," but as hard-nosed business women.

How truer could the quote of the prophet Isaiah be: "O My people! Their oppressors are children, And women rule over them. O My people! Those who guide you lead you astray And confuse the direction of your paths?"

It is as if some Grand Evil Mastermind has been engineering the destruction of the family, destruction of the United States, and the destruction of all western society through a series of conspiracies that make the JFK and 9/11 conspirators look like kindergartners. For instance, after a man gets married (to his first of two or three wives) he may expect her to want her "independence," and sometime after marriage she then can be expected to either shoot her husband in the back of the head while he sleeping - as the preacher's wife in Selmer, Tennessee did - and serve a few months in a hospital for the crime, or she can drown her five kids, blame her husband and gain her freedom, expecting no jail time but only sympathy from Katy Couric and the rest of the Vag-na Monologue crowd in the media, Hollywood, the liberal churches/synagogues, and academia. Since Oprah Winfrey also went on stage and did the Vag-na Monoluge thing, a stage play where women talk for two hours about their genitalia, I cannot also support her not-so-explosive candidate, Obomba.

If a husband is not involved in the above scenario he may certainly expect that his first of three wives will become bored and have an affair with somebody at the workplace while her children are learning to live without mom in the Kiddy Collective, also known as Daycare. The toddler's daycare nanny will recommend Ritalin for the three year old and then report unusual bruising, like the type experienced on a playground, to a female Children Services case worker who will immediately see that the father is indicted by a lady prosecutor before he stands in a female judge's courtroom. All this will be used in divorce proceedings, the majority of which are female plaintiffs, and, of course, the fem court will decide heavily in favor of the adulteress wife and order that the husband be impounded or pay gobs of money because his wife was "bored." Years later, The Girl Court may discover some sort of repressed sexual molestation perpetrated on a daughter suddenly discovered (coached) by a female psychologist. The former wife will also demand increasingly more child support through the years because her live-in boyfriend's income is not included in child support calculations. The ex wife may also later accuse her ex husband of "making me wear sexy high heels," which was enough of a cause for that preacher's wife in Selmer, Tennessee, to shoot her husband in the back of the head while sleeping. No wonder single men are not marrying and still living with the parents. Stay home conservative guys. These Thoroughly Modern Millies will break you financially and emotionally. All the above has been the concoction of lib Democrats and it will not be getting better in the near future. Conservatives, may however, find a helpmate, nee hindermate, in a non liberal church, but even fundamental churches have been infected with feminists who "want their own career," which does not include helping the husband as a high priority.

These are just a few of the reasons that I will promise the same loyalty to Hillary Clinton as Bill Clinton has had shown toward her. Rush Limbaugh

Yes, Hillary has been given all the advantages that a Feminist Society may offer, and she has had the added bonus of learning commander 'n chiefing from her co-feminist, co-president, Bill. Which means that she knows nothing about leading (instead of loathing) the American military. I served in the Marines before women were drill instructors, and before coed cohabitation became popular in the military. This has caused of lot of broken families, adultery, illegitimate babies, and general uneasiness within the ranks. So what. The lib feminists' social engineering and destruction of society must go on. Lib white men like Phil Donahue are also responsible for this topsy turvy societal order.

As I look at Commanders In Chief through American history, I do not see anyone remotely resembling a Six Star General Hillary Clinton: Washington in the Revolutionary War; Lincoln, Sherman, Lee, Pickett during the Civil War; Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders; FDR's Patton and other great generals and admirals; MacArthur and Eisenhower in Korea, and Westmoreland in Vietnam. Hillary cannot even fake the gravitas of these and so many other men who fought to win a war, not political campaigns. OK, Margaret Thatcher did her bit in South America, but Hillary is such a vague, ambiguous, military loather (as proven when she made the Marines serve orderves) that she could not collect respect from our military, nor our overseas mortal enemies in the time of war.

Let the libs give women extra grants and loans for college (that is one reason why women predominate in college), and lets give them all the other jobs they are not qualified for, but lets save the military for men, who for thousands of years have proven to be much superior in battle and battle planning.

PS It has been shown that of all male-female-black-white demographics, only black men's income has not risen in comparison to the rest. Affirmative action and other Great Society programs have eliminated the need for black men to head black households. Mothers of illegitimate children are offered free housing, medical expenses, and living expenses as well as educational opportunities, only because of their status. Black boys without fathers desire male leadership and may only find it in the gang atmosphere. Since Martin Luther King, most black churches, which were formerly very family oriented, have become extremely lib. Not much guidance can be gained in lib black churches by the black youth. Maybe, the military is their only ticket out of the hood, I hate to say, but even the military is now fussy about qualifications. Too bad, libs. Hillary Clinton and her hordes have led you all down the stairway to hell.