Friday, March 07, 2008

Ann Coulter, No Longer Cute

Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour: [so doth] a little folly him that is in reputation for wisdom [and] honour.

She was our Maureen Dowd - intellectual, snippy, comedic, a babe. But like Maureen Dowd something happened, like fame and familiarity, which may have pushed her toward irrationality.
Molly Ivins and Hillary Clinton had great respect for their conservative fathers, but somewhere along the line they developed a desire to upset everything that was called holy about traditional America , the America their fathers knew. David Brock loved decent America at one time, but his sexual peccadillo got the best of him. Arianna Huffington must have honored her husband - until she turned him gay.

Have we lost Ann Coulter former(?) friend of Bill Maher? I have to admit that I never got her "F" joke about John Edwards. More than one liberal blogger has called Ann Coulter, "The best thing for the Dems." I will defend Ann on her statement about how evangelicals see Jews (as will as Gentiles). "Christians just want to see them perfected," meaning, of course, that most Christians would like to see members of other faiths believe in Christ. That is appropriate if a Christian believes the New Testament.

I know we are not to pay attention to Ann dating liberal Democrats like Andrew Stein, former president of New York City council, Bob Guccione Jr of Hustler magazine fame, or Democrat country-singer Rob Ryan - if all that is true. She may be like what Rush Limbaugh may be, an above-the-belt conservative, but she has also defended Christianity and the Bible. I am really trying to give our national treasure talking heads the benefit of the doubt here. Rush has admitted that in some ways the liberal women whom he dates are less competitive than the conservatives. Wait to you marry one, Rush. The Carville and Matalin combination has deemed them both ineffective as conservative or liberal models.
But all that is the least of the confusion.

By endorsing Hillary Clinton, is Ann resorting to a Sheryl Crow type attempt of humor where Crow demanded that everyone use only "one square of toilet tissue," but latter told us all that it was just a joke? Does Ann have a strategy to hate Mccain and then love Mccain (when compared to Hillbama) as Rush has employed?

Ann has boiled down to a one issue lady - immigration. Hate Mccain because he may be weak on illegal immigration. Weaker than Hillbama? I think not. Ann, who evidently believes only in her own personal repentance for past sins, will not give Mccain the benefit of the doubt on his future plans not to overtax the American people, rich or poor.

As for the war on terror, Ann is sure Hillary would be better at responding to terrorism, because "Hillary said so," in a recent presidential debate.

As for all of Hillary's other promises, Ann does not seem to bothered. Like Hillary wanting to take big oil company profits. BTW Exxon Mobil paid over 30 billion dollars in taxes last year, but that is not enough for Hillary. Hillary blames the Republican governor of Florida for taking the votes away from Florida Democratic primary voters, when, actually, it was the Democratic National Committee that made the decision. There is not room enough in this blog to cite all of the lies, distortions, confusion, contradictions, illegalities, and unethical behaviors, that Evita, as Bob Brinker calls her, which have originated from the Clinton camp. And, Democrats eat up every outrageous promise of Hillary and Obama feed them. Universal health care, free college, baby bonuses, taking over evil corporations, higher taxes, daycare for babies at two months of age, more affirmative action for minorities and women. And, if you think Mccain is worthless on illegal immigration, Ann, what do you think Hillary will do for her vast majority of Hispanic constituents.

Not cute anymore, Ann. If this is just a one big too-clever-over-your-head-joke, I'm not getting it. Maureen Dowd has gone down this road, and look what happened to her. She won a Pulitzer, but lost her soul.