Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Texas Children's Services Nets Huge Haul of Children From Quasi Mormon Compound

Yes, polygamy is illegal,as is pedophilia, and old men marrying too-young girls in Eldorado, Texas.

But, how did one anonymous voice message from one girl at the Yearning For Zion Ranch instigate Texas Child Protective Services to confiscate 400 children without an investigation?

Irony of ironies - A child protective services official, Marleigh Meisner who is overseeing the kidnappings, was also involved in the disastrous rush to judgment at David Koresh's Waco compound in 1993. "In my opinion, this is the largest endeavor we've ever been involved in the state of Texas," said Children's Protective Services spokesman Marleigh Meisner. Meisner was also involved in the 1993 siege of the David Koresh’s Branch Davidian compound located in Waco.

Could not the protective services people have done any sort of investigation before taking the Amish-like children and women from the Temple?

That's why we call them Socialist Services in Ohio. They are all too anxious to take children from parents who may be good and simultaneously leave children in homes with crack whore moms, or worse.

A couple of years ago we suffered the sensational tragedy of the Kenmore Six. A lesbian couple kept several of their children, born during their hetero years, starving in the home attic. The kids broke through a window and were discovered out in the cold streets of Akron Ohio salvaging for food and barely clothed.

Childrens Services had heard of abuse of the children from their fathers, who were not permitted to regularly visit the kids. The local magistrate even threatened the kids' fathers with jail if they would not stop complaining about the abuse inflicted by the lesbian "parents."

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