Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is Cindy McCain Reaping More Obscene Profits From Her Brewski Co. Than Big Oil?

A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, but a just weight is his delight.

I must apologize in advance to all my conservative friends for planning to vote for John McCain, who has preordained himself to lose, for President. Ron Paul,Bob Barr, Alan Keyes, Chuck Baldwin and the rest have, for the most part, real conservative bones, but the Dems and Repubiclicans, as Mark Levin calls them, have virtually shut out third party candidates since Ross Perot gave them a run for their money (which most of them love more than life itself).

Adding to his defeatist platform that will not allow drilling for oil in Alaska because it must be kept in buzzword "pristine preservation," and his inexplicable naivete for believing in the buzzward "global warming" scare, the Maverick is now piling on American oil companies, which are nearly inconsequential on a world scale for buzzward
"obscene profits."

Its too bad John, like his fellow Democrats, are only able to compute using public school fuzzy math. However, since most voters have been trained in public schools which specialize in fuzzy math, why not just throw dishonest statistics out among the masses about "Big Oil," even if it will eventually cause gasoline to be more expensive.

In short, Big Oil is owned by a mainly 100,000,000 investors via union retirement funds, IRAs, Keoughs, and anyone who invests in mutual funds. Big Oil companies own less than five percent of their own stock. Nearly every American, and Democrat, who has some savings in CDs and stocks through mutual funds have some stake in Big Oil. Teachers, self-employed, businessmen, and blue collar simultaneously and inexplicably are asking their Democratic Congress to nationalize Big Oil which will make oil more costly and damage the underlying profits. Rasmussen has a poll out showing that only one half of Americans object to socializing Big Oil. The Barbarians are surely at the gates. BTW Big Oil has made a modest profit of about 8% year-to-year, and that is after paying a 30 billion dollar tax bill in 2007 alone. And the Dems want buzzword"more of those oil company profits?" What will these greedy socialists do with these profits if they got them? They would not be returned to the citizens in the form of gasoline rebates. The Dems want the price of gasoline to be sky high. Can no one figure this out?

We can continue bashing Big American Oil, which only has two of the top twenty oil companies in the world, to our hearts delight and put them out of business but what are we going to do about Big Oil which is subsidized or taxed less in other countries? The answer may be that the Democrats and John McCain will eliminate some of their American competition by driving Big Oil in the U.S. into the ground. Evita Peron and Chavez have done it, why not us? We may invent laws to limit American speculators, but what about those offshore, foreign speculators?

Still another buzzword, "We cannot drill our way out of this oil crisis" is another bunch of hooey that the Democrats and John McCain have taken up reminding us that corn, windmills, and solar should compensate for the loss of energy from oil. Maybe, but not in this lifetime and not in your grandchildrens' lifetime.
The Sierra Club, which according to Bob Brinker "owns the Democrat Party" are scarier than one could imagine. They believe, like many Democrats that, oil and gas should be taxed even more through carbon cap and trade. The Sierra Club is much more sinister than can be imagined because they believe (look at their website) that the world is overcrowded. Think of how America's prosperity and population can be lessened through economic depression - fed by intolerable fuel prices.

Environmentalists have gained so much power in the past thirty years, and that power must be negated. They have become, indeed, enviro-mentally ill. They have prohibited or delayed licenses for exploration and drilling of nat gas, coal shale, coal, nuclear and anything else that God has given us. PS Just because, as the Dems remind us "the oil companies have plenty of leased land to drill on land," does mean that there is oil underneath these leased lands. Just another ridiculous ploy of the Democrats.

If John McCain is going to complain about the 8% "obscene profit" that the Big Oil companies make, maybe he should go after his wife Cindy's Big Beer Business. Cindy may be worth well over $100,000,000 by inheriting her father's business - the Hensley Company which has sales of over $300,000,000 per year and is worth $250,000,000.

Cindy earned over $870,000 in two years, as last reported for 2006-2007, as chairman for Hensley. She made over $6,000,000 from all investments in 2006. I am not sure how close she is to being in the "obscene profit" range of 8% like Big Oil, but with bonuses, stock options and other perks she may be dangerously close to or over that amount where John McCain and the Democrats may have to either confiscate some of Cindy's profits or just nationalize her beer company.

I don't drink beer and I don't condemn those who drink in moderation, but if the choice would have to be made between nationalizing a beverage which helps people to crash their cars, beat their wives, and wear lampshades on their heads, or nationalizing Big Oil, I would recommend nationalizing Big Beer and let the government give away a kegger every Sunday. Throw in some bread and a circus and that is all you would need to get the Democrat vote.