Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mad James Hansen And The Enviromentally-Ill

I cannot diagnose James Hansen as being "mad" according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association, but he has been one mad dude in his dislike for human beings and their welfare.

Dr. Hansen, chief of NASA's Goddard Institute For Space Studies, may have been traumatized early in life as the son of a bar tender living on a tenant farm. Hansen may still be angry that his boy, John Kerry, did lose a presidential campaign. Possibly, because NASA's space programs have suffered some failures and have become irrelevant, Dr. Hansen wanted to infuse some importance into NASA's and his mission in life. Maybe, he just does not like people as so many in the enviromentally-ill community do. Drill down through the Sierra Club website and notice that the earth is overpopulated and maybe a thinning of the herd would do Mother Earth some good.

At this time, twenty years ago, James Hansen sweatily testified before Congress about the impending doom that would be caused by global warming. This is the first time the buzz phrase was uttered to the public and was the phrase which would motivate a younger (even more naive?), and similarly mad, Al Gore. The sweat on Hansen's brow was staged so that he could earn more sympathy for his mad science.

How mad or angry is Dr. James Hansen? Here is one of his latest manic quotes: "The heads of major fossil-fuel companies who spread disinformation about global warming should be "tried for high crimes against humanity and nature," according to a leading climate scientist."

A long time hater of coal, gas, and fossil fuels Dr. Hansen's computer models for his Master Plan Of Destroying The United States are so ingrained in his balding, egghead noggin that he also believes it is criminal to even argue against his sacred computerized projections. He has advanced Junk Science up to the Dark Ages when the Roman Church did not allow many inventions because innovations - even mousetraps - would steer people away from the profitable status quo.

And have Hansen and his crowd profited. Speaking fees, government and private grants for fellow Warmulists, prestige, publicity, academic posts, and sainthood have been just a few of the perks. The main advantage to all this madness is that they get to play god and alter and even destroy entire cultures.

The Soviet Demokrat Party in the United States is home to these enviromentally-ill who have amassed so much illegitimate power that the Demokrats have responded with, "I have got to have some of that." Nearly half of the American population will be voting for these insane environmental ideas when they go into the voting booth in November 2008. Because they are so easily deluded, the Democrat electorate will be blaming Republicans for the high price of fuel as they believe the sorry excuses of their Dem congress for not drilling, exploring,using coal shale, and nuclear energy to the utmost. If we cannot drill our way out of an oil shortage, then when cannot farm our way out of a food shortage.

The Soviet Demokrats are not the first to horns waggle a country out of prosperity. The original USSR Communists starved millions of people through their errant agricultural programs directed by Lysenko who was as good a mad scientist as Dr. Hansen and had the blessing, like Hansen, of the Russian government. If one would question the Soviet Farm Model they could very quickly be sent off to Siberia.[Hansen and his enviromentally-ill folk would possibly send Climate dissidents to ANWR which is about as pristine as Siberian gulags.]

From a net blogger known as jaimito:

I find that Communism was evil because allowed ideologues and politicians to make economic decisions, such as building factories for products no one wanted, sowing unsuitable seed or ordering excessive plant density. Mao imposed wrong agricultural technologies and caused terrible mass starvation, which now I know, were Lysenko's ideas. Lysenko could not have existed except under communism and that is enough reason for me to reject communism.