Monday, October 06, 2008

Joe Farah Of WorldNet Daily Pulls Ann Coulter, Except He Is Serious

Mark Joe Farah of formerly reliable WorldNetDaily.Com as an Obama supporter. His new book None of the Above: Why 2008 is the year to cast the ultimate protest vote" is not just same-old it will be damaging to whatever conservatism that could be retained in the Presidency, Supreme Court, and Congress after January 2009. Pelosi and Obama and future Supreme Court appointee Hillary should be very thankful to the bipolar Farah.

I was very disappointed to see Joe Farah on C-Span discussing his book with long time hero Gordon Liddy.

His totally anti-intellectual, unreasonable position of disuading people from voting against Obama is very disconcerting. I always considered Farah a serious intellectual until his recent book and interviews.

He came off as way too light hearted and cavalier considering the seriousness of this election at this time in history. Giddy, almost goofy.

I estimated that instead of this being a very important election between two vastly different candidates (Farah cannot see this?) this historic,period of time should be more remembered as a time to hype Joe's senseless, spoiler ego. Enjoy your time in the sun Joe while the country goes Obama, and Democrat with your help.

Sincerely, JC