Monday, October 27, 2008

Is Obama Just A Baby Christian?

As a believer, I never want to make it too difficult or too easy for anyone to receive salvation from Jesus Christ. "Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

Barack may be a closet communist, but he also may be so young "in the Lord," that he knows little about the basic fundamentals of Biblical Christianity. The heresies of liberation theology/social gospel are commonplace in modern mainline denominations which for all practical purposes have "left their first love." Barack was schooled and baptized as a Christian, under the tutelage of the likes of Rev. Jeremiah Wright who added black power to the liberation gospel. Obama got a bad start, to say the least.

Young believers often make wrong turns after they understand and submit to the salvation plan of God through faith in Jesus. In 1974, as a born and bred Catholic, I needed something more than what had been offered by the RC church. I had been medevaced out of Vietnam and after being hospitalized many months for "nervous condition," I felt that I needed God. Although I had been warned all my life that non-Catholics were heretics, I surveyed the host of radio, tv, book, evangelists and denominations, and was eventually attracted to "The Reverend Of Bourbon Street. " Bob Harrrington's revival in Orwell, Ohio. I made the altar call, confessed Christ and did, indeed,think and feel saved for the first time in my life. Everything was nice and new, and I felt like I was a new creation and born again.

The only problem was that I almost immediately fell into the hands of the Jehovah Witnesses, who were very nice and Biblically minded, but both their Bible and their doctrine had little spiritual gravitas. Not only did they sort of relegate Christ as a second class spiritual being, the JW's were predicting the end of the world in the mid 1970's, and I, after observing that the world did not actually end, ended my fellowship with the Witnesses, and subsequently became less interested in the things of God. I backslid for six years, and the rest is history, which I will not go into at this time. God in His mercy did reclaim me from that backslidden status and has led me through the deserts, mountains and valleys of life ever since.

Barack Obama, although he has very few outward signs, or fruit, of being a Christian, could be a young-in-the-Lord carnal Christian which is described in 1 Corinthians 3. Here, Paul chastens the Corinthian church for esteeming men overly much. Paul the apostle also lambasted a man, and the church, who "has his father's wife." This sort of thing went on in churches in history and definitely more so today.

Most mainline denominational churches are pro gay and pro abortion, which happen to be two of Obama's preferences. This could not have been back when I met the Lord. "Christian," in name only, churches are churning out much more confusion nowadays - including those headed by the likes of Wright and Father Flagger. Obama in his spiritual naivete may not even know that his many lies (go here to see 158 recorded lies) are in the end quite damning if he should continue a life perpetuating falsehoods - Revelation 21:8.

I am by no means making excuses for Obama, but if he is a Christian, who "prays every night," he will very soon be dealt with as a child of God, which means chastening. So far Obama has been able to glide through the campaign with the cursed, mainstream media's blessing. God is "angry with the wicked every day," and you cannot find more evil than in today's press, academia, entertainment media, judiciary, Congress, and many churches, unfortunately. Obama has bought their hype and is living off of it. When Jesus was tried to be made an earthly king, He immediately "went to a mountain." John 6.

We will know soon enough if Obama actually acts and believes on the Word of God, or if he has just been a playa.

John McCain has been less vocal about his faith, and he did throw a few evangelists under his Straight Talk Express bus, but here is a blurb from the Chicago Tribune which describes John McCain's powerful, yet too quiet, faith:

In February 1970, McCain took part in what is now known as the “church riot” after their captors denied him and his fellow POWs permission to hold a church service. His actions later led to his informal appointment as prisoner chaplain. One "lesson," a term he preferred over sermon, concerned the prisoners' fate, McCain recalls: "We were doing Caesar's work when we got into prison, sowe should ask for God's help to do the right thing." I hope John is still asking.....