Friday, June 28, 2013

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Trial I

President Barack Obama, more than anyone, ginned up the Trayvon Martin frenzy when he announced. "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon" in March of 2012. And I believe it . . .

It would be too easy to fault the prosecution's "star witness" for her incoherent, stumbling, disrespectful, and contradictory testimony recalling  her final cell phone conversation with Trayvon Martin on the night of his shooting.

Rather, the Florida courts which pushed for the arrest of George Zimmerman while being coerced  by everyone from the Black Panthers, who placed a bounty on his life, to Al Sharpton and the usual racist suspects, should be faulted.We have to remember that judges and lawyers are human. They can and do make decisions based on emotion rather than facts and law.One of the first bad decisions  by  Sanford Police was escorting witness Rachael Jenteal to the home of  Trayvon Martin's parents, so that she could be interviewed in their presence.

Star witness, Rachael Jenteal, reportedly, was born of  first generation Haitian-Dominican Republic immigrant parents who are now separated. Added to that disadvantage is that, although she is 19 years of age, and a senior in high school, she not only cannot read or speak very well, she could not even read what she personally dictated to a friend, because it was written in long hand. Cursive writing was taken out of schools years ago in order to allow students to concentrate on other subjects, which were also eventually dropped from  many school curricula.

Jenteal, on her first day of testimony was very uncooperative, and even sneered at the defense lawyer as he was questioning her - to find out the truth about what she remembered from the phone call on that fateful night. It was a very embarrassing testimony, not only for Jenteal, but also for Trayvon Martin's parents, I would think. . Trayvon  referred to Zimmerman as either a "Whiteass Cracker," or a "White AssCracker." Rachel did admit, though, that that phrase, WAC, for short, is "not a racial statement." I am not sure which, but either pronunciation has an air of racism, if that is possible - for a black man to be bigoted against a white Hispanic, or maybe just a even just a plain vanilla white man.  Without an urban dictionary handy, it is very difficult to understand what  the Hoyles Rulebook of Racist Remarks specifies. . According to other testimony, Trayvon also referred to Zimmerman as "That n*gger is following me."  Jenteal threatened not to return to the court after her day of grilling and also implicated that  the defense lawyer, Don West,  was "retarded." Regarding Ms Jenteal's very poor showing, Salon magazine accuses white people of just wanting to humiliate her. She's the genius, and the rest of us are just callous Caucasian cads. Another one of Ms Jenteal's mystifying comments was that she, "Heard the sound of wet grass." Jenteal was so quiet and incoherent, because of a language barrier, defense lawyer Don West asked the judge if he could change his seating position, so that he could read her lips, I guess, but Judge Debra Nelson snipped, " Why did you wait until now to ask for a change in seating" Ouch. I believe the judge was also coaching the prosecution as to how to object to a defense question. Ouch, Ouch.

Yet  another "Star" Prosecution Witness flubs: From -
"On Tuesday, a key prosecution witness in the George Zimmerman trial, Selene Bahadoor, changed her testimony on the stand from her earlier interviews, stating that she heard two figures, presumably Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, running “left to right.” That direction implies people running toward the home where Martin was staying. Bahadoor further testified that she saw two people waving their arms, both standing. She then heard a gunshot after leaving her window.

Star Witness Cannot Speak English - To continue their streak of ignorance or incompetence, Seminole County Prosecution calls Selma Mora,  freshly immigrated from Columbia, who cannot speak a word of English and needs a translator while on the witness stand. Good night!

Witness for the prosecution, John Good, turns out to be another  good witness - for the defense. He testifies that it was Trayvon Martin on top of Zimmerman doing a "ground and pound" on George. He also noticed that Trayvon was on top of George Zimmerman, "Hands traveling in a downward motion." Toward George,obviously. Other testimony was revealing, showing that George Zimmerman's back was wet and soiled. Trayvon's jeans had grass stains on the knees of his tan pants. It was George yelling for help.

Friday's court proceedings featured Sanford police and EMT  personnel who all testified that Zimmerman was "calm" and had stains on his back and obvious cuts on his nose and back of head.

The moral of this entire saga is that there must be a recourse for people who are zealously prosecuted, on account  of public pressure and political correctness. Special state's attorney Angela Corey waited forty days to arrest Zimmerman, after bypassing Grand Jury scrutiny, which at one time was supposedly a protective buffer between the accused and the prosecution. Not so much anymore.

Angela Corey - Slow To Indict - Waited 40 Days Before Bowing To Pressure To Indict Zimmerman

Here is a link to prosecutors who have been sued for obvious reasons. There is no reason that these people who carry such a heavy hammer should be immune from punishment for  ruining the lives of the falsely accused and convicted.. Usually, it takes a few years prison time for a falsely accused and prosecuted defendant to gain enough court standing to sue police, detectives, prosecutors, and the government divisions they work for. In Illinois, a man who had spent 8 years in prison due to wrongful conviction, recently sued and won up to 6 million dollars.

I am just praying that the city of  Sanford is not burned to the ground because of some  very bad decision making by Seminole County prosecutors. However, if the case had not gone to trial, there probably would be rioting, anyway. You know some people......

What I have deduced from studying the evidence and testimony is that George Zimmerman was on the lookout in his non-ritzy condo complex for thieves and thugs who had already been caught robbing this little community of Twin Lakes. Trayvon, on the night, looked very suspicious "looking in houses," and "cutting across lawns." George saw him and followed. The dispatcher did tell him, "You don't need to do that," but later it was revealed in court that, "For  liability reasons," the dispatcher "Cannot order anyone to do anything." Plain and simple. As George was on foot looking for an address, so that he could report it to the police, Trayvon thought Zimmerman was following him, when actually, George was trying in vain to see house numbers - on a very  dark street. He hit his flashlight a couple of times to no avail. Trayvon then approached Zimmerman and asked, "Do you have a problem?"  After that, there is little doubt that the young thug started in on George.

Please, take a look at the George Zimmerman "Crime Scene Walkthrough" which was conducted by Sanford police as they escorted George, step by step, through the actual crime scene at Twin Lakes.

Just as Rachael Jenteal's testimony was contradictory, stunted, and incoherent, George Zimmerman's reenactment of the events had what detectives call a  "flow" to it. He should have never gone to trial.