Monday, April 22, 2013

Did Massachusetts Schooling/Culture Encourage Boston Bombers To Hate America? Bet Your Bippy

At least, the Chechen President agrees with me,"Seek the roots of this evil in America," where the Tsnarnaevs were raised," said Ramzan Kadyrov. Islamic ideals, no doubt, were a driving force that drove the Brothers Tamerlan crazy, but there may be joint liability for their radical thoughts, then actions. I by no means am excusing the monsters. They made the decision to kill, no matter who inspired them to hate America.

How did Tamerlan Tsarnaev slip by the FBI? Oh, wait a minute - that's President Obama's and Eric Holder's FBI, who have nearly affirmed that, "There is no such thing as a bad boy (or Islamic terrorist)."

There were many things at play in the heads of the Boston bombers heads, so I am not solely indicting Massachusetts - that bastion of American east coast liberalism, but surely  the leftist atmosphere, laws, philosophy, and school curriculi has been known for not praising traditional Americana, but, rather has  condemned  everything patriots consider holy, although the original Tea Party gathered in Boston. How ironic.

The history of the ultra liberalism in Massachusetts goes back even before the Kennedys, who ushered in the nanny state,which was among the first states to introduce the pedophiliac priesthood cabal,  gay marriage, gun ownership restrictions, and easy divorce.  "Massachusetts Liberal" even has its own Wikipedia page. Known for high taxes, anti Defense (John Kerry, Ted Kennedy), and softness on crime (Willie Horton), Massachusetts  sunk to the bottom of the cultural barrel years ago. The state of Massachusetts imposes bigger than big burdens on their population, levying such taxes as  an amusement park tax as well as view taxes, and everything else that can be taxed in between.

Massachusetts ranks 48th on the list of states in percentage of firearm ownership (about 12 percent). Don't you think that many of those Watertown residents who unwelcomed the Boston Marathon bomber into their community had wished they had a gun at the time of his invasion? Massachusetts has the most restrictive gun ownership laws in the U.S. I would suggest to Massachusetts citizens that they jump all the hurdles their state has set up and purchase a firearm, because liberal communities breed liberal criminals.

 Brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan  Tsarnaev  learned about the United States through the eyes of the "Massachusetts Liberal." They both attended a high school which boasts of being "Massachusetts Most Diverse." Alert!! Danger!! Red Flag!! The liberal esteemed Cambridge Rindge and Latin Public School, website here Unfortunately, eastern seaboard intellectuals boast diversity but they don't exactly want to melt in with the non Bluebloods. Tamerlan is quoted as saying he did not have one American friend. Ever hear of the term compassionate liberal? Conservative Professor Mike Adams (yes, there is one) has written a highly praised book, Letters To A Young Progressive, which outlines how he has witnessed young conservatives enter into universities, and in a matter of weeks, become transformed into lib skulls of mush by the overwhelming liberal collegiate professors.

I was able to sift through the Tsarnaev's high school website and easily discern that  Zhokar and Tamerlan were exposed to a very liberal, ie., anti-American curriculum, which,of course, would be considered normal anywhere else - in Massachusetts. Rindge and Latin has an in-your-face gay organization listed under student clubs and activities. Most other U.S. public schools disallow this sort of recruitment method, but most other states do not push gay rights and marriage, as Massachusetts does. This does not sit too well with most Islamic types, but liberals think, in their never ending drive to engineer social change,  they will eventually convert everyone to accept gayness, abortion, big government, gun grabbing, and all the other trappings of liberalism.  They just cannot believe most non radical Muslims condemn these  practices and always will.

Elsewhere on the Rindge and Latin website (unless they take it down), I noticed that their student newspaper, the Register Forum, has heavily favored Democrats, especially Obama, without much rebuttal from those who may be more conservative in the school, if there be any.

Much of the American media has been complicit in the vilification of  traditional America, constantly questioning the motives of the U.S. as they exaggerate every error committed by the the American military. This had to affect the brothers Tamerlan. Ivy League colleges are also famous for downing historic America, and they are also centered around the eastern seabord and New England.

One acquaintance of Tamerlan is quoted saying that he and Tamerlan had arguments  about the hatred Tameraln developed while in the United States. Tamerlan complained that, "American is a colonialist power wanting to impose Americana on the rest of the world," and "The Bible is a ripoff of the Qoran," (although the New Testament and Old Testament preceded the Qoran by hundreds of years). Where in America could one find more hatred for the Bible and Christianity? Here's a clue:The Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School (PVPA) in South Hadley, Massachusetts -
The school is performing the play, ”The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told,” by Paul Rudnick. It’s billed as a “comedy.” But it’s described by many as “blasphemous and hateful.” The play retells stories from the Bible using homosexual characters in a pornographic and mocking fashion.

Could this play even be performed in Ohio, Tennessee  or West Virginia? Not easily or likely. It would have to be Massachusetts or New York.

After the ordeal was  over, President Obama encouraged us to, "Not rush to judgment," although he did mention possible Muslim influence, but did not associate the word Islam with terrorist. Certainly, budding American bred Islamic terrorists have picked up the notion that the United States is evil. and  is the Great Satan - as reinforced  by President Obama and liberal Democrats everywhere.

Will our self loathing liberals continue to overlook the real dangers of importing immigrants who do not wish to become,  as we used to say, "Americanized?" From Pew Research: One in four younger U.S. Muslims say suicide bombings to defend their religion are acceptable at least in some circumstances.