Tuesday, October 05, 2004

NLPC Truth Squad to Trail Soros & His Messianic Fantasies

PRESS RELEASE: NLPC Truth Squad to Trail Soros: "NLPC Truth Squad to Trail Soros

Date: October 4, 2004
Contact: John Carlisle 703-237-1970, cell 703-868-3882
Website: www.nlpc.org

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) today announced the formation of a Soros �Truth Squad� to inform the public about the background and motivation of George Soros as he conducts a one-month speaking tour.

The Soros Truth Squad, led by NLPC Policy Director John Carlisle, will travel to cities where Soros plans to give speeches this month in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida.

Carlisle said, �Soros is a hypocrite. He bankrolled the groups that lobbied for passage of McCain-Feingold, but now he�s pouring millions through the law�s loopholes. He suffers from the arrogance of wealth.�

�Soros thinks his money gives him the right to tell the American people how to think. Working families deserve the facts about Soros� past, including his criminal conviction in France of insider stock trading for which he paid a $2.2 million fine.�

�Soros himself admits to �messianic fantasies.� I think most working Americans can decide for themselves what is important in this year�s election. They don�t need some controversial, out-of-town egomaniac doing it for them.�

Carlisle, who joined the NLPC staff on August 1, is a recognized authority on Soros. In his previous position at the Capital Research Center, Carlisle produced a report titled, George Soros: His Plans to Defeat George Bush. Go to http://www.capitalresearch.org/pubs/pubs.asp?ID=169

On September 27, Carlisle�s op-ed titled �Soros Campaign $cam� was published in the New York Post. Carlisle has also discussed Soros as a guest on The O�Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel"

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